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英语教案-The memory robot

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(1) New words and phrases
memory, back, everything, umbrella, dry, newspaper, morning, at breakfast, say good bye to, useful, scientist, invent, all the time, always, everywhere, born, be born, May, move, understand, so-so, at first, most, luck, April, hate, fly, painting, air port
What did you do yesterday morning? When did they come to China?
Why did they move to France? Who came to visit your school?
I cant remember.
They came to say good-bye to us.
When / where were you born? I was born on…/ in …
Do you enjoy living here?
Good luck with you…
2. 能力目标:
  (4)使学生能掌握c. ck . qu . f . ph .等几个辅音字母的发音规则。



  本单元的教学活动主要是教会学生如何谈论过去的经历。为此课文做了精心设计,以Mr. Mott夫妇 和his memory robot 之间发生的故事开展教学活动,一般过去时的教学贯穿始终,重点突出了谓语动词为实义动词的一般过去时的用法。不但包括了实义动词一般过去时的陈述句形式还包括了一般过去时的一般疑问句和特殊疑问句形式,使整个教学活动重点突出,内容丰富。



  本单元单词数量多而且出现了大量的不规则动词的过去式学生难以掌握,教师应注意循序渐进,可以先让学生在课文中找出那些是动词的过去式,然后将这些词写在黑板上帮助学生在不规则中找出规律, 再加深记忆。如:

get -got, forget - forgot

begin-began, sing- sang, give - gave, swim- swam

say - said, pay - paid

know - knew, grow - grew, throw - threw

cut - cut, let- let, hurt - hurt, put - put, read- read






  1. He often gets up at six. But yesterday he________ at seven.

  2. My father always buys a cake for me every year on my birthday. But last year he ______ a book for me.

  3. Tom always plays chess with peter. But yesterday peter _______.










Last year



More careful

Last summer


This summer

Play football

Last term

Like Chinese

This term

Like English

  Tree: I am the tree in the school .I know Xiao Ming well. Every day I see him study in the classroom.

Bird: Was Xiao Ming a careless boy?

  Tree: Yes, He often forgot his glasses last year. He even forgot the telephone number of his family.

  Bird: Does he often forget anything now?

英语教案-The memory robot由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com

  Tree: No, he became more careful now.

  Bird: Did Xiao Ming like Chinese last term?

  Tree: Yes, but this term, he likes English better than Chinese.

  Bird: What sports did Xiao Ming do last summer?

  Tree: He often swam last summer.

  Bird: When and where did he swim last summer?

  Tree: He often swam in the river after school. But this summer he always plays football.

  (2) 教师可以要求学生将第三十三课第二部分按对话的内容改写成一篇日记以加深学生对对话的掌握如下:

  I got up at 6:45. I went for a walk and bought a newspaper before breakfast. I read newspaper at breakfast. After breakfast Mr. and Mrs. Turner came to see me. He started packing at 9:15and finish it at 10:40.


  1) need 名词, 意思是“需要、必要”。其复数形式是“必需品”。例如:

  There is no need to hurry. 没必要着急。

  I feel the need of exercise.我觉得需要运动。

  We are in need of food. 我们需要食物。


  Many families are in great need.许多家庭处于贫困的情况。

  A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情。

  2) need用作实义动词时,意思是“需要、必须、必要”。例如:

  My coat needs mending.我的上衣需要缝补。

  I need some money. 我需要一些钱。

  We need to work hard. 我们必须努力工作。

  3) need用作情态动词时,意思是“需要、必须”,常放在疑问句和否定句中。例如:

  Need he go? = Does he need to go? 他必须去吗?

  “Must I do my homework now?”“我现在必须马上做作业吗?”

  “No, you needn’t.” “不,不必。”

  注意:need作情态动词时,因为无人称和时态的变化,所以它的过去时用had to来代替,而将来时则用will have to来代替。例如:

  He had to get up early because he wanted to climb the hills.


Lesson 33教学设计方案

  Teaching Objectives

  Go on learning the simple past tense and enable Ss to remember the past form of regular and some irregular verbs.

  Talk something about robots.

  Properties: Tape recorder, multi-media computer

  Language Focus: go on a trip  robot    start doing  finish doing

  Teaching Procedures

  I. Revision

  1. Suppose a student were the businessman in Lesson32, say something about himself.

  2. Dictate the words in Unit 8.

  II. Leading - in

  1. In the nowadays world, science and technology are developing faster and faster.

  Can you say some latest and most sophisticated technology?

  Have you ever imagined that one day a memory robot can be taken with you and do many things for you? What can they do?

  2. (With the help of multi-media) show some pictures of robots if possible.

  III. Presentation

  1. Today, we’ll meet Mr. Mott, his wife Susan and his memory robot. You’ll see what the memory robot can do for Mr. Mott.

  2. Describe picture in the book.

  3. Describe the robot.

  4. What can a robot do and what do you want a robot to do for you?

  IV. Reading

  1. Listen and repeat the two dialogues in the book.

  2. Ask the Ss the question: “what can the memory robot do for Mr. Mott?”

  3. Ask the Ss to give the past form of the verbs in the dialogue.

  (1) do (2)pack (3)get (4)go (5)buy (6)read (7)come (8) start ( 9 ) finish (10) teach

  Keys: (1) did (2)packed (3)got (4)went (5)bought (6)read (7) came (8)started (9)finished (10)taught

  4. Go over the language points

  go on a trip: Mr. Mott will go to a trip tomorrow.


  start/finish doing

  eg. Most Beijing students start learning English at the age of 10.

Jack started doing his homework at 5:00 and finished doing it at 6:00.

  Have you finished writing your novel?

  5. Listen and read after the tape.

  V. Practice

  1. Group work: ask the Ss to work in groups of three. Mr. Mott, Susan and the robot and act out the first dialogue

  2. Pair work: ask the Ss to work in pairs. Mr. Mott and the robot act out the second dialogue, add something to continue the dialogue.

  VI. Exercises in class


  Mr. Mott is very busy. He often has a lot to do, but his memory is poor. He always cant remember many things. The memory robot really helps him a lot.

  Last week, Mr. Mott went to Beijing on business. He asked his robot for help. The robot remembered all the things he did, when he got up, what he did before and after breakfast, whether he packed his things and so on.

  Mr. Mott thanks his memory robot a lot.

英语教案-The memory robot由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com

  Complete the sentences according to the Chinese.

  1. Mrs. Mott is making _____________. (一个记忆机器人)

  2. They are going ________ (去旅行)to Qingdao.

  3. Please take ________ (你的伞)with you when you go out.

  4. Mr. Mott _________ (装好每件东西)last night.

  5. It’s too late. I have to _________ (向你们告辞)now.

  6. It’s much ___________(干燥)today than yesterday.

  7. The students usually __________(开始学习)at eight at home every night.

  8. He _________(写完了)a letter just now.

Answers: 1.a memory robot    2.on a trip    3.your umbrella   4.packed everything 5.say goodbye to   6.drier   7.start studying/ to study   8.finished writing

  VII. Homework

  1. Wb

  2. Writing: A Robot Designed By Me

  Write a short article about the robot you design. It’s appearance. What can it do. Why is it useful and anything you like.

  You can draw a robot for your teacher.

VIII. The design of the blackboard

Lesson 34教学设计方案

  Teaching Objective: Read a passage about the memory robot invent.

  Properties: Tape recorder, pictures

  Language FOCUS: bad memory  all the time = always  watch sb. do

  Teaching Procedures

  I. Revision

  Ask the students to recall Mr. Mott’s robot: its appearance, functions, etc.

  II. Leading - in

  1. In the last period, we learnt something about Mr. Mott’s robot, today we’ll know more about it.

  2. Talk about students’ writings. In the last period, Ss were assigned a writing. After correcting, the teacher summarizes the Ss’ writings.

  What can robots do and why are they useful?

  III. Reading

  1. Ask Ss to read the text by themselves and finish Ex. 2

  2. Check the answers

  3. Chain reading the text again

  4. Language points

  (1) invent v - invention n.

  Light is invented by Edison. Light is Edisons invention.

  (2) had memory/poor memory

      eg. My brother has a poor/bad memory, but I have a very good memory.

  (3) all the time = always

  eg. It seems that shes studying all the time.

  ( 4 ) watch sb. doing

  eg. Every morning, I can hear my neighbour sing in the kitchen.

I saw him running on the playground when I came into the school.

  All the students watched their chemistry teacher doing the experiment carefully in the lab when the bell rang.

  5. Retell the lesson

  IV. Exercises in class

  The Memory Robot

  Susan   1   the memory robot, because her husband, Mr. Mott   2   a very   3   memory. The memory robot followed Mr. Mott   4  . It listened to everything he  5   and saw everything he  6   It watched him  7   to his students,  8  his meals, and   9   at night. In a word, the memory robot know   10   about Mr. Mott, 80 did Mr. Mott’s wife.

  1. A. invents B. invented c. inventing

  2 .A. have  B. had C .having

  3. A. good  B. bad C. well

  4. A. all the time B. at times C. sometimes

  5. A. says  B. said C. saying

  6.A.does B. did C. doing

  7.A.talk B. talked C. talking

  8. A. eat B. ate C. eating

  9. A. sleep B. slept C. sleeping

  10. A. nothing B. anything C. everything


Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.

  1.I can’t remember things because I have a very ______ (bad) memory.

  2. Where ______ (do) your father work?

  3. She liked ______(to) know everything about her husband.

  4. The boy didn’t know the answer ______(to) this question.

  5. You must listen to the teacher ______(careful).

  6. Mr. Wang is a ______(science).

  7. At night, the robot watched him ______ (sleep).

  8. The robot knew everything ______(about) Mr. Mott.

Answers: 1.bad 2.does 3.to 4.to 5.carefully 6.scientist 7.sleep 8.about

  V. Homework

  1. Wb

  2.Retell the lesson

VI. The design of the blackboard

Lesson 35教学设计方案





英语教案-The memory robot由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com



Step 1 Revision

  (1)写出下列单词的过去式:live, move, find, come, want

  (2)Role play:组织学生表演第33课read and act .

Step 2 Leading- in.


   (1)What kind of machine is memory Robot?

  (2)Who invent memory Robot?

  (3)Why did she invent memory Robot?

今天我们看一看Mr. Mott是如何采访Ann的.

Step 3 Presentation

 (1)Draw a time line across the Bb and say some key words.

 Let me tell you about Ann. She lives in China now. In 1996, she lived in France. In 1995, she lived in England. Now she is enjoying living in China.


  (3)Listen to Mott and Ann. “When was Ann born? When did she move to France?”

  (4)Ask the Ss about Ann, and use their answers to draw a time line on the Bb.

  When was Ann born? When did he move to France/China?

  Where did he live in 1996? Where does he live now? etc.

  (5)Let the Ss practise reading and acting out the whole dialogue.

Step 3 Listen to the tape and complete the sentences on page 121.






Step 4 Drills


情景:Zhao Lan is a Chinese girl. She is studying English in American now. The reporter of CNN is going to take a review with her.

教师用投影仪出示采访提纲:Where were you born?

  When were you born?

  How long did you live there? 

  When did you come to American?

  Why did you come to American?

  Do you enjoy living here?

  Do you like English?

  How is your English? 让学生先进行讨论:如果你是:Zhaolan,怎么回答。然后有两个学生进行角色表演。

Step 5 Exercises in class

I live, be, move, come, find, work

  Ann____ born in England on May 18, 1987. She ____ there for about nine years and then ____ to France with her parents, because her father ____ work there. Two years ago, they ____ to China because her parents wanted to ____ in China . They enjoy ____ in China very much.

Key: was, lived, moved, found, came, work, living

Choose the right answer.

(  )1. May I ask you ______ questions?

   A. some         B. any         C. a           D. all

(  )2. Jim’s father was born______ January 18,1940.

   A. in           B. on         C. at          D. of

(  )3. Last year the man went to Nanjing and found ______ work there.

   A. a            B. an          C. the          D./

(  )4. My family came to Yangzhou three years ______.

   A. before        B. later        C. ago         D. after

(  )5. Do you and your family enjoy _______ here?

   A. live           B. lives         C. to live       D. living

(   )6. I can understand ______ of your words.

   A. the most      B. most        C. the more     D. more

(  )7. Youre new here. Good luck ______ your English.

   A. to          B. with       C. for         D. in

Answers 1. A  2.B  3.D  4.C  5.D  6.B  7.B

Step 6 Homework

  (1)Copy the new words and the phrases.

  (2)Ex.2 on Page 43

英语教案-The memory robot由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com

  (3)Make dialogues.

The design of the blackboard

Lesson 36教学设计方案

Teaching Objectives: Develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Revise the language points of the whole unit

Properties: Tape recorder, Overhead Projector

Language focus: /k/ c k ck  /kw/ qu   /f/ f ph

Teaching Procedures

  I. Revision

  Ask the Ss to say something about Ann in the last period with the help of the time line.

  II. Listening

  1. Ask the Ss to summarize the rules of letter combinations with the sounds/k/ /kw/ and /f/and give some examples

  2. Listen and repeat after the tape

  III. Speaking

  1. Read Mr. Mott’s diary by the Ss themselves.

  2. Retell what happened to Mr. Mott from Apr. 10 to Apr. 13.

  3. Opinion show

  What do you think of Mr. Mott? Do you think a person like him can be a successful person?

  IV. Reading and Writing

  1. Finish Ex. 4 in the book.

  2. Check the answer

  3. Read aloud

  4. Retell the diary.

  V. Relaxation

  Word puzzle game

  VI. Go over the language points of the unit

  VII. Exercises in class

  Finish the dialogue between Mr. Mott and his wife according to Mr. Mott’s diary of Apr. 11 and 12.

  S: What did you do on the morning of April 11?

  M:   1   .

  S: What’s the name of the place?

  M:  2   .

  S: Did you meet a lot of teachers?

  M: Yes, I met a lot of teachers from  3  , but  4   .

  S: How about April. 12? What did you do?

  M:  5   .

  S: What did you talk about?

  M:  6  .

  S: How about other teachers? Do you still remember what they said?

  M:  7  .

  S: Oh, what did you attend the meeting for? Didn’t you want to learn something from  others? You still need the robot to remember everything for you.

  M: Oh, __8__.


  1. I went to a place.

  2. I forget/I can’t remember.

  3. England, America, Canada and Hong Kong.

  4.I can’t remember their names.

  5. We had a meeting all day.

  6.I talked about English teaching in Japan.

  7. NO, I can’t.

  8. (Open answer) I hate that machine. /terrible…

Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.

   Look! Jim ______(sit) under a big tree. I ______(see) him ______ (draw) there yesterday afternoon. He usually ______ (do) his homework in his room. Next morning he ______ (cook) for his family.

Answers: is sitting, saw, draw/drawing, does, is going to cook

  VIII. Homework

  1. Wb.

  2. Review the whole unit.

IX. The design of the blackboard








Birthday place


Birthday date


Work place





  (1)What did you do last Monday night ?

  (2)Why did you come to Lily’s family? When did you come back?

  (3)How did you steal their lamb?

  (4)How many sheep did you steal?

英语教案-The memory robot由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com

  (5)Why did you steal their lambs?

  (6)Who helped you do this?

  (7)Where did he go?

  (8)How can we catch him?




Name: ________

Sex _____

Birth place _______

Birth date ________

Hobby _________



Grade _______



When did you start to school?

When did you graduate from primary school?

When did you go to middle school?

When are you going to leave school?

Which school were you in?

Did you like the teacher in your primary school?


  When were you born?/ Where were you born?

  I was born in Beijing in February 2nd, 1980.


  教师在讲台中间用粉笔画一条线当做时间隧道,左边是现在,右边是过去。一名学生先在右边进行自我介绍:I am Alice. I was born in London. I am thirteen years old. I like singing very much. I am a happy girl. I have a lot of friends in our school .Our school is not big, but it is very beautiful. I love our school very much. I hope one day there will be a new library in our school.其他学生进行记录。

  然后这个学生穿越时间隧道来到现在,其他学生用一般过去时进行叙述:She was Alice. She was thirteen years old then years ago. She liked singing very much …可能一个学生记录不下全部内容,其他几个学生进行补充。



英语教案-The memory robot由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
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