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初三Unit 15 A doctor for animals-教学教案

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Unit 15 A doctor for animals


 grateful, tail, lonely, success, mostly, pig, education, countryside, treat, regard, exactly, keep, experience, painful, rock, story, grab, crash, mobile, least

 rewarding, wag, vet, heal, injection, earthquake

 make up ones mind, regard... as..., at all, at least

 表示肯定和不肯定 Expressing certainty and uncertainty
 We can find ….我们能找到……

 喜好和厌恶 Like and dislikes
 I like …. 我喜欢……
 I really love …. 我真的喜欢……
 I like to work with …. 我喜欢和……工作
 Do you like being …? 你愿意成为……吗?

 请求允许和应答 Asking for permission and responses
 - Can I ask you some questions? 我能问您一些问题吗?
 - Sure. 当然可以。

 The Infinitive 动词不定式

二、本单元课文难点讲解 第57课重点例句及相关知识的分析

 1. Do you like being a doctor for animals? 您喜欢当兽医吗?

 句中的being 可以用to be 的形式表示。如:
 I like to be an English teacher. 我喜欢当一名英语教师。

 句中a doctor for an animals 可以用an animal doctor 的形式表示。如:
 He is a famous animal doctor from England. 他是来自英国的著名兽医。

 2. To be a doctor for animals is very rewarding. 当兽医很值得。

 You will find this book very rewarding. 你将发现这本书是非常有益的。

 3. Id like to work with animals better. 
work (hard) at: 努力学习,work on:继续工作;work out:想出计算出,制订;at work (on ): (人)在工作,从事于……,忙于……,比如:
① English is so important that we must work hard at it. 
② It was very late , but he was still working on without supper. 
③ He has already worked out these maths problems , so he feels very happy. 

 4. To help animals is helping people. 帮助动物就是帮助人类。



 He is a promising young man. 他是一个很有培养前途的青年。
 This is a pressing problem. 这是个紧急问题。
 He is an interesting man. 他是个有趣的人。
 Hes very interested in the man. 他对那个男人非常感兴趣。
 The news is exciting. 这消息很激动人心。
 We were excited to hear it. 听了这事我们很激动。


 1. There is a famous animal doctor from England who wrote many books about animals. 一位英国著名兽医,他写了许多关于动物方面的书。

 句中from England 介词短语做定语,和who wrote many books about animals 从句做定语同时修饰doctor。

 2. He grew up with a pet dog named Don. 他与被叫Don 的爱犬一起长大。

 句中named 是过去分词做定语,修饰dog。
 named 相当于called 或with the name,意思是"被叫做……"
 The boy called John is my classmate. =
 The boy named John is my classmate. =
 The boy with the name John is my classmate. 叫约翰的那个男孩是我的同学。

 3. He made up his mind to be a vet.他下定决心要成为一名兽医。

 make up ones mind是"下定决心"的意思,其后常接不定式。ones必须和其相应的主语保持一致。如果主语为复数,mind也要用复数形式。如:
 (1)Ive made up my mind.我已决定了。

 (2)He needs someone to make up his mind for him.他需要别人替他作决定。

 (3)The students in Class 1 all made their minds to study hard.一班的全体同学都下定了决心要努力学习。 

  4. They regarded their pets as members of their families. 他们把宠物视为家庭成员。

 句中regard … as意思是"将……视为"。如:
 I regard him as my brother. 我将他当成我的兄弟。
 He is regarded as the best doctor in town. 他被视为是城内最好的医生了。 

 5. Later in his life, James Herriot wrote a lot about his experience as a country vet in Yorkshine, England. 在赫瑞尔的晚年,他根据在英国约克郡当乡村兽医时的经验写下许多著作。

 句中的as 是介词,意思是"作为,当作"。如:
 I have come here as a journalist. 我是以记者身份到这里来的。
 As a student, you must study hard for the people. 作为一名学生,你必须努力为人民而学习。

 6. No matter how much he loved all kinds of animals, he loved dogs the best. 不管他多么喜欢各种各样的动物,他还是最喜欢狗的。

 句中no matter作连词用,意思是"不管"。如:
 No matter how hot it is! 不管多么热。
 Dont trust him, no matter what he says or does. 他不管说什么,做什么,都不要信任他。
 Dont trust him, no matter what he says. 不管他说什么,你都不要信任他。
 Dont believe the rumour, no matter who repeats it. 不论是谁说的,都不要相信这谣言。
 No matter where she is, I must find her. 不论她在哪儿,我都要找到她。


 1. Mrs Parley said she felt as if they were in a storm at sea. 帕利太太说她觉得好象是在海上乘船遇到了风暴似的。

 句中as if 相当于as though "仿佛……似",注意:当主句是一般现在时,as if从句用一般过去时;当主句是一般过去时,as if从句用表示过去的相应时态。如:
 He speaks English as if he were an Englishman. 他说起英语来好像一个英国人似的。
 He acted as if (as though) nothing had happened. 他表现得似乎没有发生什么事。
 She loves the child as if he were here own. 她爱这孩子如同爱自己的孩子一样。

 此外,as if (as though)后可以跟动词不定式。如:
 She raised her hand as though (as if) to hang the picture on the wall. 她举手象要把这幅画挂在墙上。
 He raised his hand as though to take off his hat. 他举起手来,像要脱帽似的。

 2. She tried hard to reach the babys room… but the house broke in two, dropping her to the first floor and leaving the babys bed hanging in the edge of the two-story house. 他尽力地到达婴儿房间,但是房子裂成了两半,把她摔到了楼下,而婴儿的小床留在上面,搭在这座二层楼的边缘上,摇摇欲坠。

 由dropping 和leaving 组成的两个-ing形式短语在句中作伴随情况状语。如:
 They came into the room laughing and talking. 他们说说笑笑地走进屋来。
 Taking a dictionary, she began to prepare her lessons. 她拿了本词典,开始准备功课。

 3. …… just as the bed crashed to the first floor ……与此同时床坠落到了一楼。

 4. It is true to say a dog is mans best friend or at least Roberts best friend. 事实上说狗是人类最好的朋友,起码是罗特的最好的朋友。

 * 句中it是形式主语,to say a dog动词不定式是真实主语。
 It is very important for us to learn English. (it代替不定式to learn English做形式主语)我们学习英语是十分重要的。
 It takes much time to carry out a test. (it 代替不定式to carry out a test作形式主语)进行试验是要花费许多时间的。

 it 作形式宾语:在具有宾语补语的句子里,it在动词后作直接宾语的先行代词,在宾语补语后面再出现真正的直接宾语(一般以不定式短语、动名词短语表示,但也有用that引出一个宾语从句)。如:
 I found it a bit difficult to work in class because I kept on thinking about, the match in the afternoon. 我发现在课堂上学习有点儿难,因为我一直在想着下午的比赛。

 We think it useful to learn the computer well. 我们认为学好计算机是有用的。
 * at least 意思是"至少,起码"。如:
 At least I can give you ten dollars. 最少我能给你十美元。
 at least 的反义词是at most 意思是"至多"。
 I can pay only fifty dollars at most. 我最多只能付五十美元。


lonely 与alone的意思比较接近,但在使用时有所区别:
 lonely用作形容词,意思是"孤单的;寂寞的"。可指心灵上的寂寞,也可指偏僻的地点 如果觉得初三Unit 15 A doctor for animals-教学教案不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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