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Important vocabularies
Shake, while, sound, scientist, point, movement, fall off, for a while, for ever, a (large ) number of, cut off, stay up,plate, hit, bookstore.
Daily expressions:
Were you in ……?
Sure I was. I 'll never forget that.
Very strange. It sounded like……
What happened next?
What was it like?
Useful phrases:
The population in and around San Francisco is now ten times more then it was in 1906.
The number of people who lost homes reached as many as 250000.
The usage of pronouns in the Attributive sentences.
Who/ whom/ which/ that……


  Lesson 25: 口头练习,对话交际功能-----日常生活用语的练习。
  Lesson 26---27: 听力和阅读相结合,理解全文的意思。
  Lesson 28: 口头和笔头练习相结合,写一篇关于地震的文章。
  本单元对话引出地震这个话题。对话中提到了地震的时候的现象和人的感受。本单元的阅读课文是了解发生在San Francisco地区的严重地震场景和有关地震发生时的基本常识。同时在文章里有一些重要的语法知识,如定语从句的使用:A wide and busy road which was built like a bridge over another road fell onto the one below. etc.
  1.What does "quake" means , as in the word "earthquake"?
像" earthquake" 这个词中的quake是什么意思?
  As in the word "earthquake" 是个省略结构,完整的说法为:as it does in the word "earthquake". as 在此为连词,表示“如“的意思。
  It sounded like a train that was going under my house. 那声音听起来就像有一列火车在我的房子底下开过似的。
  sound 为系动词,后接名词、介词短语做表语,意思是“听起来”。
  Your idea sounds (like ) a good one.你的注意听起来不错。
  What he said sounded like a fairy-tale.他所说的话听起来就像神话故事。
  表示“听起来像什么”的时候,用sound like….。like 在此是介词表示“像”的意思。类似于sound的常用系动词还有:feel, taste, smell, look.
  Cotton feels very soft. 棉花摸起来很柔软。
  It looks like a beautiful picture. 那看上去就像一幅美丽的画。
  2.I was in the kitchen cooking something and I felt the floor move. 我当时正在厨房里作饭,我觉得地板动了一下。
  cooking something 在本句中为现在分词短语做伴随状语。
  句中的move是省略了to 的不定式,做宾语补足语。动词feel的宾语补足语可以是动词原形,也可以是动词的ing形式或过去分词形式。
  When I heard his words, I felt my heart beating faster.听了他的话,我感到心跳加快了。
  He felt someone knock at the door. 他感到有人敲了一下门。
  he boy felt his back patted by someone. 那个男孩子感到有人拍了他的脊背。
  3. And then I watched all the glasses on the table fall off onto the floor. 后来我观察到桌子上所有玻璃杯子掉到了地板上。
  辨析:fall off / fall down
  fall off 表示“从。。。。上落下或掉下”。off为介词或副词。fall down的意思是“倒塌、掉下”,不强调落物的来处。
  I saw him fall off his horse.我看到他从马上掉了下来。
  Flowers fell off to the ground. 花儿凋谢了,落到了地上。
  Autumn comes and leaves are falling off the trees. 秋天到了,落叶纷纷。
  A stone fell down in the earthquake. 一块石头落了下来,砸中了他。
  The old house fell down in the earthquake. 老房子在地震中倒塌了。
  4.A great part of the city was destroyed and a large number of buildings were burnt.城市的大部分地区被摧毁,许许多多建筑物被火吞噬。
  A number of 相当于many.意思为“许多”,后跟可数名词的复数形式。短语中的number前可以由large / small来修饰,构成a large / great / small number of 短语。
  1)A number of people were killed in the traffic accident. 有许多人在那场车祸中丧生。
  2)A large number of students went to see Mr. Zhang when he was ill.张老师生病的时候有许多的学生去看望他。
  Only a small number of people are against this plan.只有少数人反对这个计划。
  辨析:a number of / the number of
  a number of 意思为“许多”。中心词为of后面的复数形式。
  the number of 的意思为 “…的数量”,中心词为number,因此,“the number of +复数名词”,做主语时谓语动词为单数第三人称形式。
  The number of books in our library is going up.我们图书馆里的藏书数量正在上升。
  The number of the students in our class is 57. 我们班的学生人数为57人。
  A number of students are playing football on the playground. 许多的学生在操场上踢足球。
  5.The number of people who lost homes reached as many as 250000. 无家可归的人数达到25万。
  短语“as many as” 意思为“和…一样多,多达”,修饰可数名词;as much as 与as many as 意思相同,但是修饰不可数名词。类似的表达法还有:
as long as 长达 as high as 高达 as wide as 宽达
  The great fire burned down as many as twenty buildings. 那场大火烧毁的房屋达到20之多。
  He lost as much as 1000 yuan . 他丢的钱多达1000元。

www.170yx.com   The film lasts as long as two hours. 这部电影长达2个小时。
  The mountain reaches as high as 2000 metres. 那座山高达2000米。
  The road is as wide as 10 metres. 这条路宽达10米。
  6.辨析:as / when / while
  When I got home, he was having supper. 我到家的时候,他正在吃晚饭。
  I liked dancing when I was young. 我年轻时喜欢跳舞。
  They talked as they walked. 他们边走边谈。
  A thief broke in as / while / when I was sleeping.在我睡觉的时候小偷闯了进来。
  While / When/ As we were still laughing, the teacher came in. 当我们仍还在大笑,老师进来了。
  Strike the iron while it is hot. 趁热打铁。
  8.A wide and busy road which was built like a bridge over another road fell into the one below,. Many people were killed in their cars, but a few lucky ones were not hurt.一座以立交桥车辆川流不息的马路塌陷到桥下面的路面上。很多人被压死在自己的车里,但是也有少数幸运的人没有受伤。
  这两个句子中one(s)是代词,用来代替或是避免重复上文提到的名词。one只可替代可数名词,其复数形式为ones. 第一句中的one代替road,第二句中的ones代替people。
  If the earthquake is a big one, a great part of the city will be destroyed. 如果那是个大地震的话,城市的大部分地区将要被毁掉。
  I would like a pound of apples, the red ones. 我要一英镑苹果,红苹果。
  He had no excuse for his being late, but he had to fine one. 他迟到找不着借口,但是他必须找一个。
  If you don't like these cups, I have other ones. 要是你不喜欢这些杯子,我还有别的。
  9.Third, you must make the houses as strong as possible. 第三,应该把房屋建的尽可能结实。
  As…as possible是个固定搭配,中间可加形容词或副词,意思为“尽可能的…”。
  He had his breakfast as quickly as possible. 他尽可能快的吃了早饭。
  Please come as early as possible tomorrow. 明天请尽可能早来。
  They keep the classroom as clean as possible.他们尽可能的保持教室清洁。
  12.Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake , but strong ones may stay up. 不结实的建筑物会在地震中倒塌,而结实的建筑物则可能安然无恙。
  短语stay up 的意思是“挺立,站立,熬夜”等。
  You must stay up in time of difficulty. 困难面前你必须要挺住。
  He stayed up all night. 他通宵未睡。
  He has been working for almost a whole day, but he can stay up. 他干了快一整天了,但是还是挺得住。
  1.A is three (four/ five….) times bigger (more/ longer/ higher….) than B. A 比B大(多/高/长…)三(四/五…)倍。
  The new bridge is three times longer then the old one. 新桥比旧桥长三倍。
  At least the train runs six times faster then the boat. 火车的速度至少比小船快6倍。
  The meeting-room is four times bigger than ours. 这个会议室比我们的大四倍。
  2.A is three ( four/ five…) times as big (much/ many/ long/ high…) as B. A比B大(多/长/高。。。)两倍或者是A是B的三(四/五……)倍大(多/长/高……)
  Line A is five times as long as Line B. 线段A比线段B长四倍。(或是线段A是线段B的五倍长)
  Asia is four times as large as Europe. 亚洲比欧洲大三倍。
  This building is three times as high as that one. 这栋楼房比那一栋高2倍。
  3. A is three ( four/ five….) times the size ( amount/ length/ height…) of B. A比B大(多/长/高……)两(三/四……)倍或是A是B的三(四/五……)倍大(多/长/高……)。
  Line A is four times the length of Line B. 线段A比线段B长四倍。
  This building is three times the height of that one.这栋楼房比那栋高2倍。
  如果表示“A比B大(多/ 长/高。。。)一倍“用twice,而且用第一种表示法。
  Bob is twice heavier than Jack. 鲍博比杰克重一倍。
  This road is twice longer than that one.这条路比那条路长一倍。
  关系代词who, whom, that 和which引导的定语从句。
  在句子中修饰名词或代词的从句为定语从句。定语从句所修饰的词叫先行词,定语从句一般修饰跟在先行词的后面。如果先行词指人,关系代词可用who, whom, that.如果先行词指物,关系代词可用which或是that。关系代词who, whom, that 和which既起连接作用,又在定语从句中充当一定成分(在定语从句中作主语或是宾语)。关系代词在从句中作宾语时常常可以省略,但是作主语时不能省略。Whom 在从句中作宾语时用,但是在口语或非正式文体中,常用who来代替whom。
  A plane is a machine which/ that can fly.飞机是会飞行的机器。
  The book (which/ that ) you want is on my desk.你要的那本书在我的书桌上。
  Anybody who/ that breaks the rules is punished.任何违反规定的人都要受到惩罚。
  The boy who/ that likes skating will be here.喜欢滑冰的那个男孩子将会来这里。
  The girl (who/ whom/that) you met in the street is John’s sister.你在大街上遇到的那个女孩是约翰的妹妹。

www.170yx.com   Is this the lady (whom) you spoke of? 这个是你谈到的那位女士吗?
教学设计方案:Lesson 25

一、Teaching Aims
  Help the students have free talk about what an earthquake is and what people usually feel when an earthquake happens.
  Practise in pairs on talking about the earthquake that happened in San Francisco in 1898.
  Study the language items in the lesson.
  Do the exercise on page 25 about the indirect speech.
二、Teaching procedures
Step 1 Warming- up
  Ask the Ss some questions about earthquake, such as, “ What will happen when an earthquake happens?” “ What causes an earthquake to happen?” “ What should people do when an earthquake happens?” etc.
Step 2. Listening
  The Ss are supposed to listen to the tape about the earthquake that happened in San Francisco in 1989.
  After listening to the dialogue the Ss are supposed to do the exercises on page 87. Exx.1.
  What are Carl and Wang Bing talking about?
  Where was Carl at the time of the earthquake?
  How did Carl feel when the earthquake was happening?
Step 3. Practising
  The students are supposed to do the pair work on page 25.
  Change the sentences into Indirect Speech.
Step 4. Language points of the dialogue
as 的用法
so do you 形式的复习
at the time of 的用法
it sounded like中sound的用法
feel sth. do的用法
6.fall off 和fall down的辨析
quite a while 的用法
Step 5. Practising
  If time is permitted, the students are supposed to do the exercise on page 87. Exx.2---retell the dialogue.


教学设计方案 : Lesson 26

Teaching Aims
  The Ss are supposed to get the idea what the earthquake is like when it is happening and what causes an earthquake to happen?
Learn how to write a composition about an earthquake that happened in Tangshan, China in 1976.
Teaching procedure
Step 1. Ask the students some questions about earthquakes.
  Have you ever heard anything about earthquakes from your parents?
  Have you ever been in any of the earthquakes? Where and when?
  Do you know the biggest earthquake that happened in China?
Step 2. Reading the text
  For the first time of reading, the Ss are supposed to answer the question:
  Which was the USA’s worst earthquake?
  Can we do something to prevent the earthquake from destroying the whole city?
  For the second time, the Ss are supposed to read the text for some detailed information.
  In what part of the USA is San Francisco?
  In the spring of 1906, what happened to the city of San Francisco ?
  What happened again in the city in the fall of 1989?
  In what other places of the world do earthquakes often happen?
  In what provinces in China do earthquakes happen more often?
Explain the reasons why there are earthquakes.
Step 3. Retelling the reasons why an earthquake happens.
  Ask the Ss to retell it in pairs first then ask individual student to say it out in class.
Step 4. Discussion
  What should we do in order not let the earthquake destroy the earth so seriously?
Step 5. Language points of the text
at 5:13 on the morning of April 18th.,1906中介词的用法
the number of 和 a number of 辨析
as many as 以及as much as的用法
as 表示当什么时候的意思的用法(和while/ when的区别)
one / ones 代词的用法
cut off
at 5.3 centimetres a year “at” 表示速度的用法
make sure
stay up
time 表示倍数的用法
Step 6. Practising
  Do the exercises on page 89. Exx. 1,2,3
  Write a composition about the Tangshan Earthquake with the given information
Step 7. Homework:
  Finish the composition
  Finish the exercises on page 89 Exx.3 and page 91.Exx.
  Re-read the attributive sentences in the text and get to  understand the meaning and the structure of each sentence.





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