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高二英语第十五单元A famous detective(著名侦探)

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科目 英语
年级 高二
文件 high2 unit15.doc
标题 A famous detective(著名侦探)
章节 第十五单元
关键词 高二英语第十五单元
Ⅰ. 四会单词和词组:have a seat , quarrel , long before , dare , upon , fasten , gun , again and again , blow (n .) , hall
三会单词和词组:personal , affair , relative , delay , pillow , nail , chest , pay … a visit , furniture , armchair , pet , doubt , silence , in silence , living room , strike , scream , snake , tiny , nephew , niece , connect to
Ⅱ. 交际英语:
1. I’m afraid I have to go now .
2. It is time sb + 动词的过去式
3. I hope you have a good journey back to …
4. It was nice to meet you .
5. Please remember me to sb请代我向……问好
6. I called to tell you that …
7. I’d like you to meet …
8. Thanks again for calling .
9. It is very kind of you to do …
10. I have to see to . 我必须处理 。
Ⅲ. 语法重点:
另外要学习同源宾语的用法,如:( page 2 Unit 13 )
Einstein ( lived ) the rest of his ( life ) quietly in the USA . ( 爱因斯坦在美国静静地度过了余生 ) 。其中宾语 life 与 live 是同源的名词,即同源宾语 ( cognate object ) 。这是中学英语课本中十分常见的语法现象,这种宾语用在某些不及物动词之后,并往往有定语修饰,现举例如下:
1 . My grandmother lives a happy life in the countryside . 我的祖母在乡下过着幸福的生活。
2 . Premier Zhou Enlai fought a hard fight against “Gang of Four” . 周恩来总理与“四人帮”进行了一场艰苦的斗争。
3 . He breathed his last breath last night . 昨天夜里他咽了最后一口气。
4 . He laughed a hearty laugh at the good news . 听到好消息后他开心地笑了。
5 . Chris will sing us a pop song . 克莉斯将给我们唱首流行歌曲。
6 . Her son died a hero\'s death in the war . 她儿子在战争中英勇牺牲了。
7 . She sleeps a sweet sleep only on Sundays . 只有在周日她才能甜美地睡一觉。
8 . I dreamed a pleasant dream last night . 昨天夜里我做了个愉快的梦。
9 . My father signed a deep sign . 我父亲深深地叹了一口气。
10 . My mother smiled a happy smile when I passed the entrance examination .当我通过了入学考试时,我妈妈幸福地笑了。
1. delay推迟;耽搁
What delayed you so long yesterday ?
The train was delayed one hour by the accident .
〖点拨〗without delay毫无耽搁地,立即。after a delay of two hours延迟两个小时以后。
注意:delay + -ing推迟干……。如:I’ll delay answering his letter until I feel like writing .
另外,put off + ing推迟干……。如:They put off holding the sports meet .
2. quarrel争吵;吵架
He had a quarrel with his wife about / over the housework .
〖点拨〗quarrel with sb about / over sth因为……向某人争吵
3. dare与need
dare 和 need 这两个词的用法有它们独特的地方。词性有两种而且不同的词性决定了它们不同的用法。对中学生来讲掌握它们的用法有一定的难度,无论教师从理论上如何解释,但同学们在具体运用中都会出现浮光掠影,若明若暗,零乱残缺,张冠李戴的现象。这两个词难就难在对词性的判断,它们可以作为情态动词用(其后不带 to),又可以作为行为动词用(后面要带 to)。为了便于区分其词性和掌握用法,同学们可以采用下面的口诀帮助记忆。
〖点拨〗口诀:“dare , need 真奇怪,既行为(指行为动词)又情态(指情态动词),是行为,把 to 带(指其后用不定式),是情态,把 to “卖”(指其后去掉 to,只用动词原形)。若 need (= want ,require) 的主语是某物,愿与 -ing (= to be done)结姻缘。”
1) Something is wrong with my watch . It needs ____ .
A . to repair B . repairing C . repaired D . being repaired
2) I ____ to ask the teachers for advice in the office .
A . dare not B . not dare C . dare don\'t D . don\'t dare
3) He ____ come to school to give us a lecture on how to learn English .
A . need B . need to C . needs D . to need
4) She ____ do so .
A . won\'t dare B . dare not C . will dare to D . not dare
5) We ____ to think it over before we take action .
A . needing B . needs C . need D . needed
[答案与简析]1 — 5 BDABC 。第一题选B;某物作 need 的主语,后面应用动名词的主动形式表被动含义。第二题选D;dare 用作行为动词,其否定形式应为“助动词+ not dare to do sth . ”第三题选A;need 用作情态动词,其后跟动词原形。第四题选B;dare 用作情态动词,直接加 not 表示否定。第五题选C;need 用作行为动词,主语是人称代词,其后应该是 need to do sth .

高二英语第十五单元A famous detective(著名侦探)由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
www.170yx.com 4. furniture (总称) 家具
A lot of furniture will be bought for you .
〖点拨〗furniture是不可数名词,表示件数要用量词piece / set 。如:three pieces of furniture三件家具。
5. doubt怀疑;疑虑
I have no doubt that he will pass this examination .
〖点拨〗beyond doubt = out of doubt毫无疑问。
用于肯定句时用doubt if / whether …。用于否定句时用doubt that 。
1. have a seat = take a seat坐下
Entering the hall , he had a seat in the corner .
Have a seat and make yourself at home .
注意:have a seat用于直接引语。
2. long before = long time ago很久以前
She said that she had known your name long before .
注意:It wasn’t long before是一个常用句型,意为“不久”。before long不久以后
3. pay … a visit = pay a visit to对……进行参观;对……进行访问
That basketball team will pay Europe a visit before long .
注意:表示状态的“在……参观;在……访问”用on a visit to 。如:These singers have been on a visit to Africa for a month .
4. in silence静静地 = silently
She alone sat under the tree in silence , looking straight forward .
5. again and again = over and over反复地;再三地
The student made the spelling mistakes again and again .
6. connect to连接;相连
Please connect the two speakers to the amplifier .
注意:connect with与……相连接;与……有联系。如:She is connected with the Smiths .
7. see to处理;负责
I have some personal affairs that I have to see to .
Will you see to turning off the lights ?
8. have a good / pleasant journey一路顺风;一路平安
I hope you have a good journey back to Guangzhou .
9. fasten … to… 把……栓在……;把……系在……
He fastened a rope to a post .
10. do repairs维修;修理
A few building repairs were done a week ago .
We must do a lot of repairs on the house before we move in .
11. no matter不要紧;没关系
It’s no matter whether he will come or not .
注意:在It doesn’t matter 中,matter是动词。
12. from that moment on从那一刻起
13. a long wait等很久
There will be a long wait before the next train comes .
Word came at last after a long wait .
14. in the dark在黑暗中
It was hard to find your pen in the dark .
15. be supposed to do应该干……
We are supposed to gather at the school gate at 7:30 .
16. a length of一段
She bought two lengths of silk .
What is the length of the report ?
17. send for派人去请;派人去取
I’ll send for the magazine tomorrow .
If bitten by a snake , you should send for help and don’t walk .
18. fire back开火还击
No one was allowed to fire back unless the order was given .
1. I\'ve got some personal affairs that I have to see to . 我有些私事非处理不可。
〖明晰〗1) affair, business 作“事物”讲时,这两个词的意义很相近,常可通用。
Mind your own affairs (business) . 少管闲事。
Each Ministry of Foreign Affairs lodged a protest with the other . 双方外交部向对方外交部提出抗议。
Business before pleasure . 先办正事,再谈娱乐。
2)see to有“注意,照料,保证,修理,诊治”等意思。例如:
Your shoes need seeing to . 你的鞋得修补了。
You ought to have your eyes seen to by a doctor . 你应该请医生治眼睛。
2. I dare say my uncle will . I have no other relatives . 我认为我叔父会得到这笔钱,我没有其他的亲戚。
〖明晰〗1)I dare say 的意思并不是“I dare to say”,而是和“也许”几乎同义或者等于“我想”。
I dare say you\'re right . 我看大概是对的。
I dare say it will come later . 我想它以后会来的。
Dare you ask him ? 你敢问他吗?
I dare not go there . 我不敢去那儿。
That is as much as I dare spend . 我只敢花那么多的钱。
I don\'t know how he dares to appear in public .
I\'ve never dared go back to look . 我从来不敢回去看一下。
3. I think it will be necessary for me to pay you a visit and see where you live . 我想有必要去拜访你,看看你住在什么地方。
Is it necessary for us to meet/necessary that we meet ?我们有见面吗?
2)pay a visit (to someone or something)/pay (someone or something) a visit表示“(短时间)访问(某人,某物)”;“参观(某物)”。例如:

高二英语第十五单元A famous detective(著名侦探)由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
www.170yx.com Shall we pay your brother a visit this afternoon ?
4. Do you see that hole high up in the wall, about 18 cm by 9 ? 你看到墙壁上方那个大约18厘米宽,9厘米高的洞没有?
〖明晰〗1)句中的high用作副词,指的是高矮;而highly表示很高的程度(意思往往是 very much)。
The plane flew high above . 飞机高高地在上空飞。
An eagle circled high overhead . 一只鹰在头上高高盘旋。
The goods on display are all very highly priced . 这些展销货物标价都很高。
He speaks very highly of the boy\'s behaviour . 他十分赞赏孩子的行为。
2)about 18 cm by 9用作后置定语,修饰that hole,介词by表示面积、 体积的长、宽、高。例如:
The room measures fifteen feet by twenty feet . 房间宽十五英尺,长二十英尽。
5. Dr Watson and I will spend the night locked in your room . 我和华生就锁在你的房间里过夜。
〖明晰〗1)第一人称单数I与其他人连称用时,通常的词序是,第二、三人称代词在前, 第一人称代词在后。例如:
You and I can do it . 我和你都能做这件事。
You, Tom and I are to leave tonight . 我、你和汤姆今晚得离开。
Just then the old man entered (supported) by his son . 就在这时, 老人由儿子扶着走了进来。
He turned away (disappointed) . 他失望地走开了。
She went home (exhausted) . 她回到家时已精疲力尽了。
6. Immediately Holmes jumped up from the bed and struck a match . 福尔摩斯立即从床上跳起,划燃一根火柴。
〖明晰〗The young lady rushed into the room immediately she heard the noise . 那位年轻的女士一听到响声就冲入房间。
第一例句中的 immediately 用作副词, 表示“立刻, 立即”; 第二例句中的immediately用作副词,表示“一……就……”,类似的说法还有instantly, directly, the moment, the minute, the instant等。例如:
I\'ll go there directly (=as soon as) I have finished my breakfast .
The moment I saw you I knew you were angry with me .
His Favorite Student
A teacher asked his students some challenging ( 难以回答的,具挑战性的 ) questions to find the most intelligent ( 聪明的 ) students . His first question was:
“ What can you get with one penny that can be used by the whole class for about an hour ? ”
After a while an answer came from a clever girl .
“ I can get a candle . The whole class can be lit up ( 照亮 ) with its light . ”
The teacher praised the student for her smart answer before asking the second question .
“ What can you get with one dollar which can be used by the whole class for a whole year ? ”
An answer came from monitor of the class .
“ If we put a calendar ( 挂历 ) on the wall , we can use it for a whole year . ”
After warm applause of admiration ( 羡慕的掌声 ) , the teacher presented his third question:
“ What can you get without paying anything that can be used for your whole life ? ”
This time there was no immediate response ( 答复 ) .
“ You get your name free of charge and you use it all your life . ” Again the clever girl won applause from the whole class .
Now came the teacher\'s last question:
“ What can you get which can be used after your death ? ”
Immediately he saw his favorite student open her mouth .
“ A coffin ( 棺材 ) , Sir . ”
It was a cold evening . Old Hill was in the ward(牢房)a____(1) . He was put there for stealing some v____(2) jewellery in a shop . He knew he would be in p____(3) for more than five years . C____(4) was coming and the other prisoners(囚犯)were set free . He couldn\'t talk with n____(5) . The policemen who guarded(看守)him were b____( 6) buying the presents for their families and friends . He lay down on bed, and he could not fall a____(7) though he often felt t____(8) when he tried to earn some money for his family .
Suddenly the old man h____(9) some noise . He sat up at once. The door o____(10) and in came two policeman. They put a young man into the ward, l____(11) the door and left. Old Hill looked at the young man up and down, who w____(12) the nicest clothes. “He must be from a r____(13) family, ”Old Hill said to himself. “But for what has he been b____(14) here too ?”
“What happened to you, young man ?”he asked .
“I was out of l____(15) this morning,”said the young man.“I had a puncture(扎穿).”
“It\'s an o____(16) accident, I think. Did you drive over a n____(17)?”
“No, a wine bottle.”
“You were too c____(18) ! But you haven\'t broken any l____(19) , in my opinion.”

高二英语第十五单元A famous detective(著名侦探)由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
www.170yx.com “But the drunkard(醉汉)who was l____(20) in the street had it hidden in his coat !”
Old Hill由于偷盗贵重的珠宝被关进了监狱。圣诞节快到了,牢房里只剩他一个人,他感到很寂寞。突然两个警察把一个年轻人关进了牢房。他打量那个衣着讲究的年轻人,可以判断他出身一个富有家庭。他问年轻人是为何被关进监狱。年轻人说他的汽车轮胎被酒瓶扎破了。Old Hill认为那也不犯法。最后年轻人拐弯抹角地说,那个酒瓶是在一个躺在街道上的醉汉的大衣里的(意思是他从醉汉身上碾了过去)。
1. 从后面所讲的别的囚犯都释放来看,Old Hill一个人在牢房里,要填alone。2. 从上下文可以得知,Old Hill由于偷盗贵重的珠宝才被关进监狱的。因此,应填valuable。3. Old Hill偷盗了贵重的珠宝,就得在监狱里呆五年多。应当填prison。4. 从监狱的看守买礼物来看,是圣诞节到了。故应填Christmas。5. 另外几个囚犯被释放了,牢房里只剩Old Hill一个人,他也就无法和任何人说话了。应填nobody。6. 那些警察在圣诞节以前,忙于给亲友买礼物。应当填busy。7. Old Hill感到寂寞,躺在床上也睡不着,要填asleep。8. Old Hill在挣钱养家的时候,自然很劳累。所以,应当填tired。9. 牢房有别的人,因此只要有动静,Old Hill就会听到的。应填heard。10. 门开了人才会进来。故应填opened。11. 警察在关进囚犯之后,先锁了门才能离开。要填locked。12. 那个年轻人自然是穿着好衣服。应填wore。13. 年轻人穿着讲究,当然是出身有钱人家庭。要直rich。14. Old Hill不知道那个年轻人为何也被带到监狱来。故应填brought。15. 年轻人认为他不走运,才出了那件事。应当填luck。16. 汽车轮胎扎破并不是大事故,而是一件很普通的事情。因此,应当填写ordinary。 17. 一般情况下,汽车轮胎扎上钉子,才会被扎破的。要填nail。18. 年轻人说他从一个酒瓶上驶过去,才把轮胎扎破了。Old Hill 就说他太粗心了。要填careless。19. Old Hill认为,年轻人从洒瓶上驶过去也不犯法,故应填law。20. 从年轻人的回答可以看出,那个醉汉是躺在街道上的。实际上, 他的汽车从醉汉身上驶过去了。这也是他被带到牢房的原因。要填lying。
Her job was to take care of the (wounded) soldier .
We are doing our (written) exercises .
The machine (run by the old worker) is made in Shanghai .
The houses (built in the 19th century) has been on fire for half and hour. (动作完成)
the workers demand (increased) wage . (尚未完成)
3. 及物动词的过去分词还可用来表示被动, 但也有少数动词(如fall, escape, boil等)的过去分词作定语时,只表示完成。例如:
the man spoken to(别人与之讲话的那个人)
boiled water(开过的水,表完成)
(Heated), the metal expands .这种金属加热后会膨胀。
(Asked) why he did it, he said it was his duty .
(Born in the village), he knows a lot of people there .
(United), we stand; (divided), we fail .团结则存,分裂则亡。
(Given more time), I can do it better .
Although (exhausted) after a long journey, he continued to work .
The professor stood there (surrounded) by many students .
1.【误】Seen from the mountain, we found the building is very small .
【正】Seen from the mountain, the building is very small .
2.【误】Written carelessly, he made a serious mistake in the letter .
【正】Written carelessly, the letter had a serious mistake .
1. The programs ____ (put) on yesterday evening were really wonderful.
2. ____ (send) to the hospital immediately, the wounded soldier was saved.
3. You\'d better not get the plastic bags and boxes ____ (burn), for it will give off some harmful gas and pollutants into the air.
4. The firefighters are trying their best to rescue all the people ____ (trap) in the fire.
5. ____ (encourage) by the teacher\'s words, the boy was determined to work harder and make greater progress.
6. The little girl was very ____ (frighten) at a frightening voice.
7. They found the house ____ (break) into and rang up the police at once.
8. The bridge that was ____ (build) twenty years ago needs repairing.
9. If ____ (give) more time, we could do it better.
10. ____ (excite) at the good news, he could not go to sleep.
11. The manager had every room ____ (examine) carefully.
12. Unless ____ (invite), I won\'t go to the ball tomorrow.

高二英语第十五单元A famous detective(著名侦探)由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
www.170yx.com 13. ____ (destroy) in the earthquake, the equipment doesn\'t work.
14. ____ (absorb) in the research work, he had no time to make any trip.
15. In the paper is a carefully ____ (decide) policy.
16. The first film ____ (direct) by her was very popular with the public.
17. The students have cleared away the ____ (fall) leaves.
18. I saw a lot of banners ____ (hang) from public buildings.
参考答案:1. put 2. Sent 3. burnt 4. trapped 5. Encouraged 6. frightened 7. broken 8. built 9. given 10. Excited 1. examined 12. invited 13. Destroyed 14. Absorbed 15. decided 16. directed 17. fallen 18. hung
1. This dictionary is as good as ____ .
A. neither B. never C. any D. some
2. The hospital is not ____ it was ten years ago .
A. that B. as C. when D. which
〖解析〗as在此引导表语从句,意为“像……的样子/那样”。如: The cottage is just as it was in Shakespeare\'s time.这幢小屋恰好和莎士比亚时期的一样。 正确答案为B。
3. The hungry farmer came down to eat the dishes ____ , not even wearing his shoes .
A. after a short while B. in a hurry C. in that case D. in the way
〖解析〗先看看四个介词短语的意义,after a short while “过了一会儿”, in a hurry“匆忙地,赶忙地”;in that case“若是那样”;in this way“用这种方法”。再根据句中所提供的“the hungry farmer”,“not even wearing his shoes”。 正确答案为B。又如:She came down to breakfast in a hurry , not having brushed her teeth .
4. To my ____ , the workers set up a carved figure in front of the building .
A. pleasing B. pleasure C. please D. pleasant
〖解析〗表示“使某人……的是”用“to one\'s+情感的抽象名词”,如to one\'s joy/surprise使某人高兴/惊奇的是,故正确答案为B。
5. Before ____ the medicine, ____ ought to study the instructions or follow a doctor\'s ____ .
A. you take, you, advise B. you take, one, advice
C. taking, one, advice D. taking, you, advise
〖解析〗从第三空前的doctor\'s可知第三空应用名词,不是动词,故先排除A、D。 若选B,那么从句与主句主语不一致。正确答案为C。
6. It\'s the third time that Kate has been ill, ____ ?
A. isn\'t it B. hasn\'t she C. isn\'t she D. hasn\'t it
〖解析〗陈述部分是主从复合句,变成附加疑问句时,一般应与主句的主语和谓语一致。that Kate has been ill是定语从句。it\'s是it is的缩写。故正确答案为A。不过,要提醒同学们注意的是:当陈述部分的主句是I think, I believe, I guess等结构时时, 附加疑问句要与后面的从句主谓一致。此时, 还要特别注意否定转移现象。 如:I don\'t think he is right, is he ?
7. —What ____ it be ?
— It ____ be a mail box, for it is moving . It ____ be a car .
A. can, can\'t, must B. can, can, must
C. can, mustn\'t must D. must, mustn\'t can
〖解析〗考查情态动词can, must的用法。must在表示“推测”时,只能用于肯定句中, 不能用于否定句中。can表推测时,可用于否定句和疑问句中,故先排除C、D,从for it is moving,可知第二空应填can\'t(不可能),否则与第三空会自相矛盾。正确答案为A。
8. The fire ____ at 11 last night, but after the firefighters came, it ____ .
A. was broken out, was died out B. was broken out, died out
C. broke out, was died out D. broke out, died out
〖解析〗英语中有些动词或短语动词是不及物的,不能用于被动语态,同学们要一一牢记。常见的有:happen, last(持续),appear, take place(发生),break out (爆发),die out(熄灭),belong to(属于)。正确答案为D。
9. Whether or not it ____ tomorrow, we\'ll set out on time .
A. rains B. rained C. will rain D. should rain
〖解析〗whether or not 意为“是否,无论是不是,不管”,在此引导让步状语从句,从句谓语应用一般现在时代替一般将来时。如:Whether or not it rains, I will give a party tomorrow.不管下雨不下雨,明天我都要举行宴会。正确答案为A。
10. My friend John ____ while he ____ his bicycle and hurt himself .
A. had fallen, rode B. had fallen, was riding
C. fell, was riding D. fell, were riding
〖解析〗分析句子结构不难发现,第一空是和and hurt himself并列的,hurt在此时过去式,故第一空填fell。ride在while 引导的从句中表示进行性动作, John 就是在“was riding”中fell的。故正确答案为C。
11. I ____ her if I thought she would understand .
A. would tell B. will tell
C. would have told D. tell
〖解析〗这是考查与现在事实相反的虚拟语气。 条件从句用动词的过去式, 主句用would+动词原形。该句相当于:Because I don\'t think she will understand, I will not tell her .故选A。
12. The reason why she couldn\'t come to the meeting was ____ .

高二英语第十五单元A famous detective(著名侦探)由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
www.170yx.com A. because she had not been invited B. which she had not been invited
C. that she had not been invited D. because of her not having been invited
〖解析〗主句是reason时,其表语从句通常不用because引导,而用that引导。先排除A、D。连接代词which引导表语从句时,要在从句中担任成分,因此选项B也不对, 正确答案非C莫属了。
13. ____ others say, the professor is sure that his theory is correct .
A. No matter B. It doesn\'t matter C. Whatever D. What
〖解析〗Whatever=no matter what 无论什么,whenever=no matter when 无论什么时候;however=no matter how无论怎样,它们都可引导让步状语从句。如:Whatever (= No matter what) you do, don\'t keep him waiting !无论你做什么,都不要让他久等!故选C。
1. 不但学生们而且老师也都喜欢运动。
Not only the students but also the teacher is fond of sport .
The teacher____ ____ ____the students is fond of sport .
2. 除了物理之外,孩子们还学习数学。
The children study maths besides physics .
The children study____ ____physics ____maths .
3. 格林一家人总是对音乐感兴趣。
The Greens are always interested in music .
Music always____the Greens .
4. 五位医生和两位护士组成一个医疗队。
Five doctors and two nurses make up a medical team .
The medical team____ ____ ____ ____five doctors and two nurses .
5. 布朗先生拥有一幢新楼房。
Mr Brown owns(拥有) a new building .
The new building ____ Mr Brown .
6. 去年某个时候艾利斯嫁给了约翰。
Alice married John sometime last year .
John ____ ____ ____Alice sometime last year .
7. 他花了二十元买了一件夹克衫。
He bought a jacket for twenty yuan .
He ____twenty yuan____a jacket .
8. 她的叔你管理这所医院。
Her uncle is in charge of the hospital .
The hospital is in____ ____ ____her uncle .
9. 汤姆的父亲精通法语。
Tom\'s father is familiar with French .
French is ____ ____ Tom\'s father .
10. 上周他的朋友收到那封信。
The letter reached his friend last week .
His friend____ the letter last week .
答案:1. as well as 2. not only , but 3. interests 4. is made up of 5. belongs to 6. got married to 7. paid , for 8. in the charge of 9. familiar to 10. got / received

高二英语第十五单元A famous detective(著名侦探)由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
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