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人教版高二Unit 3 Art and Agriculture

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Teaching Aims:
1. words and phrases:
preference, design, furniture, sale, sofa, honey, block, apartment, style, stand, in a hurry
2. practice expressing opinion using the following:
I’d rather… I’m much more interested… I wouldn’t feel happy if…
I don’t get very excited about… I prefer something that… If you ask me, then…
In my opinion,… I like seeing something… I can’t stand…
1. be free to do sth.=do sth. freely 随意地或自由地做某事
Everyone is free to express himself.
In one’s free time 在某人的空闲时间
free medical care 公费医疗
free of charge 免费地 for free 免费地
free from…不受…..影响的
free of 摆脱……的, 无……的
2. design v.&n.设计,构思;计划,谋划
design building/to build a house 打算建房子
a hopeless design 毫无希望的计划
a beautiful design 美丽的图案
by design 故意地,蓄意地
3. furniture [u] 家具
a piece / an article of furniture 一件家具
many pieces/ articles of furniture 好多件家具
其动词形式为furnish vt. 陈列,供应 eg; furnish one’s house 布置某人的房间
4. preference n. 偏爱;优先考虑;优待;优惠
A teacher should not show preference for any one of his pupils.
He studied chemistry in preference to physics at university.
by preference 首先,最好
in preference to 优先于…
prefer 常用作及物动词,表示“宁可,宁愿(选择);更喜欢”,常见搭配有:
① prefer+名词/代词/动名词
② prefer(+doing)+A+to(+doing)+B
③ prefer+宾语+不定式(作宾语补足语)
④ prefer+to do+A (+rather than +do B)
5. sale n.卖,出售;(常用复数)销售活动;销售额;贱卖
for sale待售 on sale上市 sales department销售部
salesman 推销员 account sales 销售帐 annual sales年销售额
Fresh vegetables are on sale here every day. 这儿新鲜蔬菜天天有售。
He got four pounds from the sale of his drawing.他卖画得了四英镑。
6. stand(stood,stood) v. 站立;身高;坐落;忍耐;为...付帐;请客
Who is going to stand treat?谁付账?
stand up 站起来;露头角
stand by 袖手旁观;站在一起;维持;遵守
stand for 代表;象征;赞成
stand up for 拥护,辩护
(can't) stand sb. doing sth. (不能)容忍某人做某事
7. would rather 宁愿
would rather(not) do sth.宁愿(不)做某事
would rather(not)have done宁愿(没)做过某事
would rather do...than do...宁愿做...也不愿做...
would do...rather than do... 宁愿做...也不愿做...
would rather+从句(从句的谓语动词用虚拟语气,即谓语动词用过去式)
prefer to do…..rather than do…….喜欢做….而不愿做…..
1. Whether by accident or_____, he arrived too late to help us.
A. purpose B.aim C.design D. chance
2. Few areas in the world nowadays are completely free____air pollution.
A. against B.with C.to D.of
3. __It seems that I haven't seen Jane for ages.
--Where do you suppose ______now?
A. is he B.he is C.his being D.him be
4. The parents were very happy to see that their chilren were well _____all they needed there.
A. furnished with B.prepared C.interested in D. convenient to
5. In this cafeteria,you can add salt, sugar or other flavourings to your dishes______.
A. to taste B.in good taste C.with taste D.on taste
6. It is said that the new Chinese panda coin____99.99% gold.
A. is made up of B. is made out of C.is made in D.is made into
7. Tomato soup that used to be sold at 12 cents a can is now___for ten cents in this store.
A. for sale B. on the cheap C.on sale D. cheap
9. I ____to work there if I have to listen to him.
A. would not rather go B.would rather not going C.would not rather going D.would rather not go
10.He is said to____ill for a long time. Is that true?
A.have got B.have fallen C. be D.have been

>>《人教版高二Unit 3 Art and Agriculture》这篇教育教学文章来自[www.170yx.com网]www.170yx.com 收集与整理,感谢原作者。 11.He was very sorry that he had missed___her at the party.
A. to see B.seeing C.to have seen D.saw
12.He made up his mind to tell her just____him.
A. what was happened to B.what had been occurred to C.how things stood with D.how it was become of

Teaching aims:
Words and phrases: ugly, go against, construst, construction, concrete,impress, roof, balcony, fantastic,
create, seashell,sail, stadium, net, paint, act as, belong to, fill up with, set aside,
join...to, pull down, remind sb of.
Teaching difficult points:
How to analyze the text and grasp the main idea of the text.
1. go against 反对,违反,违背(意愿,原则等)不利于
go against one’s family 背离某人的家人
go for …. 有利于…..
vote against sb./sth.投票反对某人/事
vote for sb./sth.投票支持某人/事
be against sb./sth 反对某人/事
be for sb./sth.支持某人/事
 Publishing opinion is going against the government on this issue.
go ahead 先走;继续前进;说吧 go all out 全力以赴 go by (时间)过去; 遵照;凭...判断
go in for 参加(考试,活动等);嗜好 go off 爆炸;进行情况;发生 go out出走;熄灭
2. impress vt.使印象深刻;使铭记;盖印,打记号
impress....on 使铭记;在……盖印
impress sth.on sb.
Impress sb.with sth.使某人牢记某事
Be impressed by/at/with被……所感动
Be impressed on one‘s mind/memory被印在脑海里,留下很深的印象
Impression n. 印象,盖印
Leave /make a(an)…impression on sb.给某人留下……的印象
3.act as 充当;担任…..的职务;起….的作用
4.fill up with 用……充满
We had better first fill the car up with petrol at the gas station.
Fill in 填补,填充 fill out 长胖
Be filled with 充满着;装满(表状态又表动作) be full of 充满….的(表状态)
5. join…..to 把…..与….连接起来
Join in 参加某活动;和……一起做某事 join up 把…..连接起来 join the Party 入党
6. made of wood 木头做的
be made of…由…制成(制成品能看出原材料来)
be made from…由….制成(看不出原材料)
be made out of…由…..制成/改制成
be made up of….由….组成
be made into被制成
be made in 制造于
7. found himself inspired by……
find oneself… “发现自己(处于某种状态),不自觉地…..”
find oneself +形容词
find himself interested in sth发现自己对某事感兴趣
8. keep out 挡住,使进不去;不要进来
keep sb.out 把某人挡在外面
keep out of….不牵扯进去,不惹事,避开
1. The baby looked ill,so she thought she must have it____as soon as possible.
A.examine B. examining C.examined D.to be examined
2. When he got back ten years later, he found his home village completely____.
A.change B. changing C. be changed D. changed
3. It is not easy to change a____of life that one has been used to for years.
A.way B. method C. means D. manners
4. She thought he was a dull and selfish person.
A.His impression of her was no better B.Her impression of him was no better
C.his impression of her was no worse D.Her impression of him was no worse
5. Before carrying out the plan,we have decided to ______suggestions from some experts first.
A. give B.invite C.want D.ask after
6. ______works he has created for the world!
A. How great B.What great C. how great a D.What a great
7. When he came to,he found himself_________in hospital.
A.lay B.was lying C.lain D.lying
8. It is too hot outside. We had better close the windows to__________.
A.keep out of heat B.keep heat out of C.keep the heat out D.keep out heatof
9. A net is to a fisherman__________a gun is to a hunter.
A. how B.what C.like D.as if
Record after teaching:

>>《人教版高二Unit 3 Art and Agriculture》这篇教育教学文章来自[www.170yx.com网]www.170yx.com 收集与整理,感谢原作者。

eg; He didn't notice his wallet stolen.
I was sleeping when I heard my name called.
He was disappointed to find his suggestions .
A.been turned B.turned down C.to be turned down D.to turn down
二 get,have,make,keep等动词后接过去分词作宾语补足语,表示致使某人或某事被....
eg; We should keep them informed of what is going on here.
Jane got her bad tooth pulled out at the dentist's.
They are going to have the entrance hall painted white.
---Good morning.Can I help you?
___I'd like to have this package ,Madam.
A.be weighed B.to be weighed c.to weigh D.weighed
Mrs.Brown was much disappointed to see the washing machine she had went wrong again.
A.it B.it repaired C.repaired D.to be repaired
三 like,order,want,wish 等动词后接过去分词作宾语补足语,相当于过去分词前省略了to be,
eg; He didn’t want such question(to be)discussed at the meeting.
The manager ordered the work (to be)finished at the end of this week.
I wish these letters (to be)typed as soon as possible.
四 有时,过去分词作宾语补足语的句子可以变为被动语态,这时过去分词改为主语补足语,说明主语所处的状态.
Eg;The door was found broken.
Her coat is seen hung behind the door.
五 在with+名词/代词+过去分词复合宾语结构中,过去分词表示被动意义,宾语与过去分词逻辑上是主谓关系
Eg; She usually works in her study with the door locked.
With the work finished, they went to the seaside for a holiday.
The murderer was brought in, with his hands behind his back.
A.being tied B.having tied C.to be tied D.tied
With a lot of difficult problems ,the newly-elected president is having a hard time.
A. settled B.settling C.to settle D.being settled
六 过去分词与不定式,现在分词作宾语补足语的区别; 三者与宾语逻辑上都是主谓关系,但是过去分词强调他们之间的被动关系,不定式强调动作发生的全过程,现在分词强调它们之间的主动关系.
Eg; I saw her come into the classroom.
I saw her coming into the classroom.
I saw her taken out of the classroom.
The missing boys were last seen near the river.
A. playing B.to be playing C.play D.to play
1.With trees,flowers and grass everywhere,my native town had taken on a new look.
A.planting B.planted C.to plant D.to be planted
2. Is this the recorder you want ?
A. to have repaired B.to repair it C.to have it repaired D.it repaired
3. She was glad to see her child well care of.
A.take B.to be taken C.taken D.taking
4. He found them at a table .
A. sat;to play chess B.sitting;to play chess C.seated;playing chess D.seat;play the chess
5. I can make you what I say,but you can’t make youself in English.
A. understand;understand B.understand;understood C.to understand;understand D.understand;to be understood
6. John rushed out in a hurry, the door .
A. leaving;unlocked B.leaving;unlocking C.left;unlocked D.to leave;unlocking
7. I have had my bike ,and I’m going to have somebody my radio tomorrow.
A. repair;to repair B.repairing;to be repaired C.repaired;repair D.to repair;repairing
8. the room ,the nurse found the tape recorder .
A. Entering;stealing B.Entering;gone C.To have entered;being stolen D.Having entered;to be stolen
9. We are pleased to see the problem so quickly.
A. settled B.settling C.be settled D.having been settled
10. I have often heard the ABC Song ,but I have never heard Alice it.
A. to be sung;to sing B.being sung;sang C.sung;sing D.sang;singing

Teaching important points:
Fit , compare, good, set aside, remind,
Teaching difficult points
Of +n.
Language points;
1.fit V.adj.适合,适宜,对…..符合;合体,合身;安装;合适的,相称的
Fit the facts 符合事实
Fit a new lock on the door在门上安把新锁
Fit on 试穿
Fit in with 适应,与…..处得融洽
Fit sb for…..使能适合或胜任……
Be fit for….胜任,适合……
Be fit to do…适合…..

>>《人教版高二Unit 3 Art and Agriculture》这篇教育教学文章来自[www.170yx.com网]www.170yx.com 收集与整理,感谢原作者。 Keep fit 保持健康 unfit adj.不适合的,不恰当的
2.remind V.提醒,使想起
remind sb.of sth.提醒某人某事,使某人想起某事
remind sb.to do sth. 提醒某人去做某事
remind sb.that…提醒某人….;使某人想起…..
3.compare V.比较;比照,比得上
Compared to/with….与…..相比(可在句中作状语)
Don’t/can’t compare with…不能与…..相比,比不上……
4.aside adv. 到…..一边,向旁边
move the table aside 把桌子挪向一边
aside from…..除了……
lay aside 存蓄
aside from being fun and good exercise除了既有趣又是一项很好的运动外
lay aside 100 dollars存起了100美元.
Set aside 把……放在一边,搁置;拨出,留出;不理会,取消
5.good adj.合适的,可以的,好的
be good for sb.对某人有好处
a good day for hiking适于远足的好天气
be good at…在….擅长
be good to…对…..好(和善,慈爱),后一般接表示人或人格化的名词
A good journey!一路平安!
Ss must be from one another.
A. good to learn B.good in learning C.good at learning D.good for learning
6.pull down 拆毁;摧毁;使(价格)下降;使体质减弱;挣钱
Pull apart扯段;指出错误 pull away 脱身;(从危险中)逃脱 Pull in (车)进站,停站;(船)靠岸 pull off 扯下,撕开
Pull over 把……拉回来;(把……)划到岸边;脱(帽,衣等)
Pull through (使)渡过难关
7.0f +n.
of{great┝interest(=very interesting)
-value(=very valuble)
-help(=very helpful)
-importance(very important)
-use(very useful)
-benefit(very beneficial)
high quality高质量
It is for us to make our motherland rich and strong.
A. very importance B.of great importance C.of very importance D.great importance
Exercises: 1.Dressed in her best dress, she wanted to make herself____at the ball.
A. notice B.to notice C.noticing D.noticed
1. When I got there,I found the bookshop _____the shop owner was nowhere to be found.
B. Pulling down B.pulled down C.to be pulled down D.have been pulled down
2. I was pouring. All the machines stood ____in the open air.
A. uncover B.to be uncovered D.uncovered D.uncovering
3. Lily does very well in her studies. No one in our class can____her, especially in maths and English.
A. compare with B.be compared to C.compare to D.be compared
4. When_____,water will turn into vapour.
A. heat B.to heat C.heating D.heated
5. I’m sorry, young man. We don’t find anything ____in your information.
A. of valuable B.of value c.of values D.great valuable
6. The three boys in this group are said_______.
A. to be a same age B.to be of an age C.being the same age D.being an age
7. The concert was called off for some reason,_____made the children disappointed.
A.that B.what C.which D.who
8. He sat still in the chair, with his eyes¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ ________.
A.closed B.closing C.close D.to close

>>《人教版高二Unit 3 Art and Agriculture》这篇教育教学文章来自[www.170yx.com网]www.170yx.com 收集与整理,感谢原作者。 如果觉得人教版高二Unit 3 Art and Agriculture不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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