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人教版高二Unit 2 News Media

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I. 单元教学目标
Talk about news and the media
Practise expressing opinions
Learn about the Past Participle (1):used as Attribute and Predicative
Write a comparison paragraph
II. 目标语言

Practise expressing opinions
What do you think of ...?
What’s your opinion?
Why do you choose ...?
Perhaps ... is more important.
I would rather choose ...
I don’t think we should choose ...
Maybe it would be better to choose ...
Our readers want to know about ...

词 汇 1. 四会词汇
media, reliable, fire, face, difficulty, editor, reason, elect, injure, headline, inform, informed, relate, talented, switch, present, reflect, effort, spiritual, AIDS, seldom, addict, social, ignore, attention, view, tolerate, affair, concern, telegram, retire, complete, bore, attitude, disappoint, guard, citizen, polluter, arm, update
2. 认读词汇
nosy, Gray, rumour, interviewee, interviewer, truthfully, passion, fulfilment, critical, source, current, neutral, locate, overseas, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, troublemaker, responsible, caring, demonstrate, comparison, checklist
3. 词组
go up, burn down, for once, be addicted to, even if,
draw attention to, on all sides, change one’s mind, current affairs, look up to, fall in love with
reliable, fire, face, difficulty, elect, injure, informed, relate, switch, present, reflect, effort, seldom, addict, affair, bore, disappoint,
语 法 过去分词作定语和表语
1.The editor’s job is to keep the newspaper balanced and interesting to the readers.
2. The rude and noisy group made it difficult for the worker to get into the factory.

Ⅲ. 教材分析与教材重组
1. 教材分析
1.1 WARMING UP 旨在引导学生结合自己的体验和认识,了解哪种媒体更可靠并掌握有关媒体的词汇。
1.2 LISTENING是一个采访录音和一段对话。通过听这些材料帮助学生认识到描述事情的方式不同,所产生的效果也不同。
1.3 SPEAKING是一个任务型教学活动。要求同学们从发生的10件事情中选择5件登在报纸上,并且说明选择该事件的理由。此练习旨在锻炼学生表达观点的能力,同时也为READING 做好铺垫。
1.4 PRE-READING是READING的热身活动。旨在激发学生的兴趣,让学生了解传媒的有关知识。
1.5 READING是关于新闻背后的故事。文中通过对两名记者的采访,介绍了新闻故事的产生过程。
1.6 POST-READING第一个题是PRE-READING的延续;第二题是在理解课文的基础上,结合本单元所学知识,设计的开放性问题;第三题是训练学生正确看待媒体的能力,培养学生的是非判断能力;第四题是训练学生的开放性思维,要求学生能够把课本知识与社会生活知识联系起来,就社会热点问题-公众人物的影响力这一话题用英语表达自己的观点,是SPEAKING部分的功能与本单元话题结合的很好例证。
1.7 LANGUAGE STUDY 分词汇和语法两部分。其中,Word study 第一题是用动词的正确形式填空,第二题判断形容词是具有积极意义,消极意义还是中性意义。词汇练习是为学生学习描述人和物打基础的。Grammar 在引导学生体验、探究、归纳过去分词做定语和表语功能的基础上,进行任务型巩固训练。 Part 1是判断13页的8个句子中的过去分词是做定语还是做表语;Part 2则是把过去分词作定语改写成定语从句; Part3是把定语从句改写为过去分词,Part4是根据句意改写成过去分词作定语结构;Part5是用动词的正确形式填空,主要练习过去分词作表语。
1.8 INTEGRATING SKILLS中的Speaking, Writing, and Reporting是本单元内容的综合。涉及到LISTENING, SPEAKING 和 READING教学活动。文中举例同一事件,记者的立场不同,看问题的角度不同,所作的报导不同,所产生的效果自然也不相同。就这一案例,通过讨论和辩论活动,引导学生在描述人或物时,要有正确的态度,明确立场。写作部分 (Writing) 要求同学们练习描述不同媒体的异同。

2. 教材重组
2.1 把WARMING UP 和LISTENING放在一起,为学习主课文作好铺垫。
2.2 SPEAKING单独上一节课,培养学生的表达能力,学会正确的表述自己的观点。
2.4 将INTEGRATING SKILLS 设计为一节“综合实践课”。
2.5 将GRAMMAR与WORKBOOK中的语法练习题整合在一起上一节“语法课”。
3. 课型设计与课时分配 (经教材分析,本单元可以用5课时教完)
1st period Warming up &&Listening
2nd period Speaking
3rd period Reading
4th period Integrating Skills
5th period Grammar
Ⅳ. 分课时教案

The First Period Listening

Teaching goals教学目标

>>《人教版高二Unit 2 News Media》这篇教育教学文章来自[www.170yx.com网]www.170yx.com 收集与整理,感谢原作者。 1. Target language目标语言
重点词汇和短语 media, reliable, fire, face, difficulty
2. Ability goal能力目标
Listen to a dialogue and from the dialogue the students should have an opinion that people will have different reports about the same event.
3. Learning ability goal学能目标
Listen to a dialogue and be able to express one’s opinion in a positive or negative way.
Teaching important points教学重点
Talk about news and media
Teaching difficult points 教学难点
How to improve students’ listening ability and teach them
to express opinions.
Teaching methods 教学方法
1. Listening to the tape (individuals).
2. Discussion after listening to the materials.
Teaching aids 教具准备
1. A recorder
2. A projector
3. A computer
Teaching procedures && ways 教学过程与方式
Step I Leading in
T: Good morning, boys and girls! Look, what is in my hand?
Ss: A newspaper.
T: What can we get from a newspaper?
Ss: We can learn what has happened or is happening home and abroad.
T: Good. Do you read newspapers every day?
S1: No, I surf on the internet. In my opinion, the most popular and convenient way is to surf on the internet.
S2: I would like to listen to radio.
S3: I watch TV every day.
S4: I prefer to read magazines. There are photos in magazines. They are pleasing to the eyes. And photos help us to understand the articles.
T: Quite good. I’m very glad you know many kinds of news media. Now let’s talk more about these news media.
Step Ⅱ Warming up
First the teacher will show students different news media. Then talk about them and compare these news media.
T: Boys and girls, please look at the questions on the PowerPoint. I’d like you to discuss them with your partner for 3 minutes. Then I will ask you to speak out your
After students express their opinions, show the possible answers on the PowerPoint.
Possible answers:
1. I think TV is the most reliable news media. Because we can see who is responsible for the news.
2. Websites keep on updating the news. So on websites you can always learn the latest news, sometimes even with audio and video.
From TV you can see both the broadcaster and videos. From radio you can only hear the voice without seeing the scenes. You can read newspaper everywhere. It is easy to get magazines and we can take longer time to read them.
3. I trust TV, leading papers and important radio stations.
4. No.
5. magazine, newspaper, radio, TV, website, broadcast, editor, edit, editorials, facts, headline, interview, journalist, opinions, reliable, reporter, true and so on.
Step Ⅲ Pre-listening
Ask students to look at the two pictures on Page 10. Talk about the two pictures first. Ask students to use their imagination and describe the scenes. Try to think of as many words as possible to describe people.
Step Ⅳ Listening
Play the tape for the students. After listening for the first time, the students should tick the information they can hear in each part. Then play the tape again. This time students will answer the second question on Page 10. After checking the answers, do the rest of the exercises.
Step Ⅴ Describing people
Show the following passages to the students. Ask them to read the passages and speak out what impression the people give them. Are they described in a positive way or a negative way?
T: Ok. Boys and girls. Look at the two short passages. Try to judge whether they are described in a positive way or not.
John Trussell
My little brother. (I don’t care that he’s four years older than me.) I never had a brother before, but he’s the best one I think I may ever have who brings me the pleasure of adopting (收养). In spite of all the pain that he occasionally goes through, I have seen him bear it with patience and calm, and do his best to make certain that no one else was hurt before coping with his own pain. It is my only hope that I will never lose this little brother.
Chuck Tetzlaff
He is very funny, overworked, and is the third man I’ve ever met who can consistently make me unable to stop laughing. At the same point, I will get to see him more often, but that will probably be after he finishes working for his Chemistry Professor.
Ss: They are described in a positive way.
T: Read the following passage. Try to judge the man’s attitude towards life.

>>《人教版高二Unit 2 News Media》这篇教育教学文章来自[www.170yx.com网]www.170yx.com 收集与整理,感谢原作者。 I was on my way down an elevator at the Hilton in Arlington, Texas, ready to begin a seminar on how to develop more positive team relationships. I shared that ride with a man whose face bore the frown lines that evidenced a less-than-positive attitude.
He commented, “I’m not so sure about this elevator.”
“Oh? Why not?” I asked.
“It was slow getting to us, and it sounds funny.”
“I’m sure we’ll make it,” I encouraged him.
“I don’t know. You never can tell about these things.”
When we arrived at the first floor, I said, “Well, we made it!”
Unimpressed, he answered, “Yeah, but the door’s not open yet.”
Ss: The man’s attitude is negative.
T: Yes, you are quite right. Being positive makes life enjoyable.
Read the following. It will help you to become positive.

Changing negative thoughts

Situation Negative
thoughts Other explanations
Getting critical
feedback for
an essay I am stupid. I didn’t have much time to do this essay the workload has been very heavy recently. I chose to do other things as well. The work is supposed to be challenging. Constructive criticism helps me to improve. I’ve done well in the past, which shows I can do well.
My friend does
not want to see
me tonight. They don’t
care about
me any more. They said they had to work tonight - this is most likely true. We saw each other at the weekend and had a good time. They said some nice things to me lately and seemed to care the last time we met.
T: After we learn so much about negative and positive description. I’m sure you can describe people in both ways. Today’s homework is to describe someone that you
are familiar with in a negative way and then in a positive way.

Step Ⅵ Homework
1. Finish the listening exercises on Page88.
2. Try to describe someone that you are familiar with in a negative way first and then in a positive way.

>>《人教版高二Unit 2 News Media》这篇教育教学文章来自[www.170yx.com网]www.170yx.com 收集与整理,感谢原作者。 如果觉得人教版高二Unit 2 News Media不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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