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Unit 25 At the conference

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  1.重点词汇 organize; repeat; attend; suppose; earn; send out; get through; ring back; make up; out of breath

  2.重要句型 1) What a lot of information to send out! 2) Would you mind giving a talk today about DNA? 3) You must be joking! 4) You can't be serious!

  3.语法 学习must, may, might, can't, could等情态动词的用法

  4.日常交际用语 打电话(Making telephones): 1) Can you ring up. . . ? I can't get through. 2) The line's busy. I'll try again later. 3) Could I speak to. . . , please? 4) Hold on please. 5) Can I take a message? 6) This is . . . speaking. 7) Can you ask. . . to ring me back, please?


  1. 掌握本单元的重点词汇、词组和句型;运用相关词汇复述课文。

  2. 情枋动词表猜测的具体用法。

  3. 用英语谈谈英语学习中如何克服平时粗心大意的毛病。






  Part1 (Paragraph 1 ) Dr Baker accepted the invitation to the 199. . .Medical Conference in London.

  Part 2 (Paragraphs 2—10) Dr Baker was surprised to be asked to give a talk on DNA, which he knew nothing.

  Part 3 (Paragraphs 11—18) Someone had made a careless mistake by writing Dr D. Baker instead of Dr Peter Baker, and Dr Baker gave a talk on ENT.


  Dr Baker was very much surprised to receive an invitation to the 199. . . Medical Conference in London. However, he decided to attend the meeting himself. On the morning of the second day of the conference , the main speaker failed to arrive because of the bad weather at the airport. So he was asked to give a talk instead. When the organizer asked him to give a talk on DNA, Dr Baker told him that he was an expert on ENT. Later the organizer discovered the mistake. Though the organizer had put Dr P. Baker's name on the list of speakers, when the invitation list was being done, someone had made a careless mistake and had written “Dr D. Baker” instead. Anyhow Dr Baker did give a talk that day and everyone at the conference was very interested in it.


accept , receive



  I received a gift, but I didn’t accept it.

  The pop star received a warm welcome at the stadium

reply, answer

  reply既可作不及物动词,也可作及物动同,还可作名词。作不及物动词时,作“回答”,“答复”解,可用 reply to sth/sb.;作及物动词时,是“回答”,“回答说”的意思,后接直接引语或宾语从句;用reply作名词时,作“回答”“答复”解,后可跟介词to,表示“对……的回答\答复”。


  Have you replied to his invitation?

  She didn’t answer my question.

  ring back, ring off,ring up

  1)ring back意为“回一个电话”。back是副词,其宾语是代词时,要将这个代词放在 back之前。

  2)ring off意为“挂断电话”。

  3)ring up意为“给某人打电话”。其中 up是副词,如有宾语,则将宾语放在up之前。如:

  Tell him to ring me back when he returns home.他回家后告诉他给我回个电话。

  I have to ring off now because many people are waiting to make a phone call. 我必须挂电话了,因为有很多人在等着打电话。

  If you have any questions to ask me, please ring me up. 如果你有问题要问我,请打电话。

meeting, conference


  1)  meeting指一般性会议,可用于任何场合。


  We had a meeting thismoring.上午我们开了个会。

  They will have a medical conference next week.下周他们有个医学研讨会。





  Let’s organize a volleyball team我们组建一个排球队吧。

  This company was founded in 1872. 这家公司创立于 1872牛。

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  His character was formed in his childhood他的性格是在儿童时期养成的。

funny; interesting




  I heard such a funny story this morning. 早上我听了一个有趣的故事。

  Zheng Jie has some interesting plans. 郑杰有一些有趣的计划。

  That sounds very interesting. 听起来倒有是挺有趣的。

earn, gain, get ,win



  gain 指在斗争中、竞争中作出很大努力而“获得”,且所得东西具有一定价值。



  They have bought a new house.They must earn a lot of money.他们买了一所新房子,他们一定挣了许多钱。

  I’m new on the job but I am already gaining experience.我干这工作是新手,但我已经在获得经验。

  In Barcelona, the Chinese team got 16 gold medals.在巴塞罗那,中国队获得16块金牌。

  Who won the race?这场赛跑谁赢了?


  What a lot of invitations to send out!

  短语动词“send out”作“发出、送出”解。例如:

  The ship sent out a message for help.

  “send out”与“give out”,“give off”同义,例如:

  The sun sends out light and heat.


  send for(派人去叫,请) send up(发射,把……送上去)

  send back(遣返,送还)  send off(寄出,发出,为……送行)

  send down使价格下降)   send round(传阅,传递)

  send a message(发送消息)send a telegram(发电报)

  send a blow(给人一击)  send sb. away(解雇)send sb. mad(drive sb. mad)(使人发狂)

  If Dr Baker is in the hall,will he please make himself known to me?

  句中的“make himself known to me”的意思是“向我作自我介绍”。这里的make作“使/令”解,常用于“make oneself+过去分词”结构,如:

  make oneself known(使……被了解),make oneself understood(使……被理解)等。例如:

  Will you please make yourself known to us in English?

  Her voice is so low that she can’t make herself heard.

  Hold on , please. 请稍等。

  1)hold on表示“别挂,等一等”,是电话用语,等于hold the line,常用祈使句表示。如:

  —Can I speak to Mr. Smith?

  —Hold on , please. I’ll go and see if he is in.




  A minute , please,

  Just a minute.

  Just a moment.

  One moment, please.

  Hang on a moment, please.

  Hang on a minute, please.

  Don't hang up , please.

  Hold on a second, please.

  Hold the line, please.

  Would you hold the line a moment?

  Would you wait a minute?

  I can’t get through.我打不通电话。

  get through到达,通过;(打电话)打通

  ①The letter I wrote to my mother got through at last on Sunday. 我给我母亲写的信终于在周日收到了。

  ②She was very happy because she got through the examination.因为她考试及格了,她很高兴。


  get back回来

  get down从……下来

  get down on sth.对……产生反感,开始不喜欢

  get in进入,抵达,收获

  get off下车

  get on(along)相处融洽,(使)上车,穿上。

  Make up a dialogue,using the following as a guide.利用下面的例子作为指导编一段对话。

  make up:弥补,赔偿;编辑,编制;缝制,组成,整理(房间),结算(帐目)等。

  ①He lost much, so we must make it up to him somehow.他的损失太大了,无论怎样,我们得补偿他。

  ②I was ill yesterday. And I must go to the teachers’ office to make up the missed lessons.我昨天病了,我得去老师的办公室把耽误的课补上。

  ③The children shook their hands and made up.孩子们握手言和了。

  An invitation to the 199…Medical Conference in London.”一份参加199…年在伦敦召开的医学大会的请柬。



  accept an invitation接受邀请

  give somebody’s an invitation邀请某人

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  receive an invitation 收到请柬

  refuse somebody’s invitation拒绝某人的邀请

  send out an invitation发出请贴

  at the invitation of somebody’s 应某人的邀请

  on invitation应邀

  an invitation from来自某人的邀请

  “There must be some mistake.”sad Dr Baker.贝克博士说:“准是出了什么差错了。”


  ①Please hurry up,there is someone waiting for you at the school gate.请快点,校门口有人等你。

  ②There must be some reason for him to be late again.想必有某种理由他才又迟到了。




  ①John said the professor must be at least seventy, but Peter thought he couldn't be as old as that.约翰说那位教授至少有70岁,但彼得认为他不可能有那样老。

  ②He can't have been to your home. He doesn't know your address.他肯定没去过你家,他还不知道你的地址呢。


  ①Anyone can make mistakes.人人都会犯错误。

  ②He looks pale. He may be ill.他脸色苍白,可能病了。


  -Can they have missed the bus? -Yes, they may have.



  can not表示“不可能”;may not表示“可能不”。

  ①She may not tell lies.她也许没有说谎。

  ②He can’t be her father; he is too young. 他不可能是她的父亲,他太年轻了。


  Michael________ be a policeman, for he’s much too short.

  A. needn’t    B. can’t    C. may    D. mustn’t


  needn’t表示“不必”;mustn’t常用来表示禁止,不允许;may表示一种可能性;can’t 则用来表示否定意义的推测,意为“不可能”,它是一种非常有把握的推测。正确答案为B项。

  Sorry I’m late. I_______ have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again.

  A. might     B. should     C. can     D. will


  说话者在找自己迟到的原因,并对过去的原因进行推测。can不用于表示肯定的推测。should have done表示“本应该做某事,但未做”,不合句意。所以答案为A项。


  1. —The light is still on. Mrs Li ______ be in the office.

  —She ______ be there because I saw her go home just now.

  A. must, may  B. may, mustn't   C. must, can't   D. can, may not

  2. At present too many trees ______ still ______ cut down.

  A. is, being   B. are, to be    C. are, being   D. is. be

  3. There must be ______ for his being late.

  A. some reasons   B. some excuse  C. some reason  D. some results

  4. The baby is sleeping. You ______ make any noise.

  A. can't  B. needn't  C. mustn't  D. don't have to

答案:1. C  2. C  3. C  4. C

Lesson 97 教学设计方案

Teaching Aims

  1. Get to know how to make a telephone call.

  2. Study the language points concerned with the dialogue.

  3.Learn the dialogue by listening and act it out.

Teaching procedures

Step 1 Listening

Listen to the tape and then ask them some questions:

  1. What do Mary and Lizzy have to do?

  2. How many people are coming to the conference?

  3. Why do they need the buses? Let's go on listening to the second part of the dialogue and see what happens when Mary rings the Bus Company.

  4. Is Pat in the office?

  5. What does Mary want Pat to do?

  6. What’s Mary’s number?

Step2 Language study

  Go through the dialogue briefly. Deal with the language points.

  send out, get through, rig back , make up

Step 3 Performance

  Make up the dialogue and then act it out in pairs. For example:

1.A: Can you ring up ….?

 B: Hold on , please.

 A:I can’t get through. The line’s busy.

 A: I’ll try again later.


2.A:Could I speak to …., please?

 B: Sorry, She’s out.

 A: Can I take a message ?

 B: Yes.

Unit 25 At the conference由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
www.170yx.com  A: Can you ask…to ring me back, please?


Step 4 Practise

  Situation 1:You want to visit the History Museum and you make a phone call, asking about the price of tickets; any cheaper tickets for students; the time the museum is open to public; whether it closes at weekends; what are on show and other things you want to know.

  Situation2: You are supposed to organize a class-meeting next Monday. You make a phone call to your teacher, telling him/her your plan and ask for your teacher’s opinions.

Step 5 Exercises

  Do the exercises in workbook L. 97.

Step 6 Homework

  Finish the Workbook exercises.

  Practise the dialogues in this lesson with a classmate.

Unit 25 At the conference由www.170yx.com收集及整理,转载请说明出处www.170yx.com
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