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高一英语第五单元Why do you do that ?-教学教案

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科目 英语
年级 高一
文件 high1 unit5.doc
标题 Why do you do that ?
章节 第五单元
掌握本单元出现的单词和词组。如:feed, fact, free, fetch, so that, grow up , in fact, be made from, in the past, in order to , wash away, break the rule, stop sb from doing, be covered with, so as to do…;
1.I\ll keep the box in the shade so that the sun doesn\t burn the little plants 我会把这个盒子放在阴凉地方,这样太阳就不会把幼苗晒枯。
本句中的so that 作“以便,为了,使能够”解,引导目地状语从句。
例如:He got up early so that he could catch the first bus.
Please speak louder so that everyone can hear you.
I\ll put some powder on the soil so that the little plants will grow better.
So that也可以引导结果状语从句,主句和从句是原因与结果的关系,作“因此”解,
例如:He often told lies, so that no one believed him.
He turned up the radio, so that everyone heard the important news.
He got up early this morning, so that he caught the first bus.
注意:so that引导目的状语从句时,常用情态动词can, could ,may ,might , will , would和should。而在结果状语从句中,一般不用may, might, should等情态动词,so that前通常有逗号。
2.Then I\ll water them to stop the soil getting too dry.
本句中stop sth/sb(from) doing sth 作“阻止……做某事”解。句中的“from”在口语中常可省略。类似的词组有“prevent sth/sb(from) doing sth/,“keep sb/sth from doing sth”.意思都是阻止某人做某事。但用keep sb from doing sth时不能省略from.例如:
The heavy rain stopped me (form) coming to attend the meeting yesterday.
How can me stop the sun(from) burning the plants?
They did what they could to stop the soil from being washed away by water.
You must prevent her (from) telling the truth.
No one can keep the wheel of history going forward.
3.Do you have to feed plants like you feed chickens?
1)feed (fed, fed) vt.(give food to)喂,饲养。例如:
Have the pigs been fed yet?这些猪已经喂过了吗?
What do you feed your dog on? I feed my dog on meat .(=I feed meat to my dog.)
代用什么食物喂你的狗? 我用肉喂我那条狗。
feed…on sth=feed sth to…意思都是“用…来喂养…”但feed on sth的意思是“以…为食”。例如:Cattle feed chiefly on grass.牛主要以草为食。
2)…like you feed chickens.
例如:Nobody loves you as/like I do, child.孩子,谁也没有像我这样疼爱你。
She can抰 cook well as her mother does.她烹妊的技术不像她母亲那样好。
4.Or do they grow up by themselves ?还是靠他们自己来生长?
(all) by oneself=alone=on one\s own.意思是“独自地,”例如:
He dare not go out at night(all) by himself.晚上,他不敢单独一人出去。
You must finish this experiment (all) by yourself.你必须独自地完成这个试验。
No one can finish this task on his own.没有人能独自一人完成这项任务。
5.It will make the cabbage plants grow big and strong.
make sb/sth do sth使…做某事。make后跟不带to的不定式,作宾语补足语。例如:
The boss made them work for him without pay.老板迫使他们无偿为他工作。
They made me repeat the story.他们要我重新叙述了一遍那个故事。
They were made to work for him without pay.他们被迫为他无偿地劳动。
I was made to repeat the story.我被迫又重新叙述了一遍那个故事。
另:have sb do sth=get sb to do sth=let sb do sth都是“让某人做某事”的意思,没有make sb do sth的语气那样强烈。
6.Like me! 这是承上文来的一种省略的表达。意思是It will make the cabbage plants grow big and strong like me!它(肥粉)将使白菜秧长得像这样粗壮。
Like 在句中是介词,作“像…一样”解。后面跟名词或代词,构成介词短语,在句中作状语,例如:
I want to be a teacher like my father when I grow up.
Don\t talk to me like that!不要那样对我讲话。
We got on well with each other like old friends.我们之间相处融洽,就像老朋友一样。
7.What has changed in the past few years?.在过去的几年里发生了什么事?
in the past/last few years意思是“在过去的几年里”,句中时态通常用现在完成时。
例如:Great changes have taken place in China in the last ten years.
The students have already read about twenty English novels in the past three years.学生们近三年来已经读了大约有二十本英文小说了。
注意:a few 几个,一些(表肯定),few没几个(表否定),但在句中的 the past few years的few之前,不能加a。不能说in the past a few years.这是一个固定搭配用法,在few前有past ,last , every等词时,few前就不能有a.例如:He went to see his father in the hospital every few days.每隔几天,他就到医院去看望他父亲一次。
8.A few of them can be cut each year for firewood. The rest are left to grow even taller.每年可以砍掉一些小树当柴火,其余的就留下来,让它们长得更高大。
1)a few of them相当于some of them,意思是“在…中有一些(人或物)”,表示肯定的意思。而few of them相当于almost none of them意思是“在……中没有几个(人或物)”,表示否定的意思。后面都跟复数的可数名词,例如:
I know a few of these people.这些人当中我认识几位。
I know few of these people.这些人当中没几个我认识的。
I met a few of my old friends there.我在那见到了几位老朋友。
I met few of my old friends there.我在那里没有见到几个老朋友。
the rest意思是“其余的;其它的”当它作主语时,谓语动词应视情况而定;它代替的是不可数名词要用动词单数形式,如代替的是可数名词的复数形式则应用动词的复数形式。例如:
I will take two and the rest are yours.我拿这两个,剩下的都是你的。
Take what you want and throw the rest away.把你所要的拿去,其余的切掉。www.cHinESejy.Com中国 教 育资源网
Pour me a glass of water and the rest is yours.给我倒一杯水,剩下的是你的。
About one third of the students in our class are from Beijing and the rest are from Shanghai and Tienjing.我们班大约三分之一的学生是北京人,其余的来自于上海和天津。9.People had to walk many kilometers in order to fetch wood.村民们为了砍柴要走很多公里的路程。
fetch的意思是“去取来”,“去把…拿来”,(go for and bring back sb/sth)接来(人),取来(物),
例如:Will you please fetch me a cup of tea?请你给我拿杯茶来好吗?You\d better fetch a doctor at once.你最好立刻去请一位医生来。Please fetch the children from school.请到学校去把孩子们接来。
Shall I fetch you your hat from the next room?要我去隔壁房间把你的帽子拿来吗?
注意bring, take, carry和fetch的不同含义。bring是“带来”;take是“拿去”、“带去”;carry是“携带”,既可是“带去”,也可是“带来”,没有方向性;fetch是“去拿来”,包含一去一来的意思。表示既去取又拿回的两上动作。例如:Please bring your dictionary here next time when you come to school.
Remember to take your school bag with you when you go to school.
She never carries any money on her.她身上从不带钱。
Please fetch me some chalk from my office.请去办公室给我拿几支粉笔来。
10.Trees were cut but none were planted.(过去)只砍树不植树。
None of them has(have) come back yet.他们当中还没有一个人回来 如果觉得高一英语第五单元Why do you do that ?-教学教案不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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