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高一英语第十七单元Nature (自然界与动物保护)-教学教案

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科目 英语
年级 高一
文件 high1 uint17.1.doc
标题 Unit 17 Nature (自然界与动物保护)
章节 第十七单元
同学们将通过本单元的阅读课文“Milu Deer Return To China”, 深刻认识并了解保护野生动物的重要意义。
四会单词和词组:at present , nature , common , recently , alive , year by year , greatly , one day , sick
三会单词和词组:increase , similar , equipment , disappear , period , research , protect , paint , deer , performance , put on performance , one after another
Ⅱ. 交际英语
1. Why are you making this journey ?
2. We are trying to collect the memory for a wildlife project .
3. We want to do … so that …
4. What is the purpose of your new project ?
5. We want to do … very much .
6. That sounds a great idea .
7. Good luck with your trip !
Ⅲ. 语法学习
在本单元,同学们要理解并初步掌握现在进行时被动语态的用法。现在进行时的被动语态是由“由be的现在式 (am , is , are ) + being + 过去分词”构成。现在进行时的被动语态是表示“某人或者某事此时正在被……”。如:A teaching building is being built in our school .
1. deer鹿
I saw four deer in the forest .
〖点拨〗deer的单复数一样。单复数形式一样的名词还有:sheep , aircraft , police , cattle等。
2. increase增加;繁殖
Travel increases one’s knowledge of the world .
The number of tourists has increased . = Tourists have increased in number .
〖点拨〗增加了百分之几常用介词by连接。The population of this town increased by five percent last year .
另外,on the increase是“不断增加,正在增加中”。如:Traffic accidents in cities are on the increase this month .
The two of them are similar in character .
A cat is similar to a tiger in many ways .
〖点拨〗be similar to与……相似。又如:Gold is similar in colour to brass (铜) 。
4. recently近来
The recently completed , 35-story , four-star hotel is the tallest building in the city .
〖点拨〗recently在句中时,句子常用现在完成时。如:Have you been very busy recently ?
5. alive活着的;存在的
Who’s the greatest man alive ?
〖点拨〗alive ; living ; live ; lively ; life ; lives 这些词都有“活着”之意,它们的用法各不相同。
1)alive 意为“活着”,侧重说明生与死之间的界限,既可指人,也可指物;可用来作表语,后置定语或宾补。虽有死的可能,但还活着。例如:
The badly wounded soldier was still alive when taken to the hospital .
He is dead , but his dog is still alive . 他死了,但他的狗仍然还活着。
No man alive is greater than he . 在活着的人中没有人比他更伟大了。(注:此时 alive 含有“在所有活着的……之中”)
He wanted to keep the fish alive . 他想让鱼活着。
Comrade Wang is really a living Lei Feng in our country .
My first teacher is still living . 我的启蒙老师仍健在。
English is a living language . 英语的活的语言。
A living language should be learned through listening and speaking .
He is regarded as one of the best living writers at present . 他被认为是当代活着的最好的作家之一。
注意:living 前加上 the , 表示类别,指“活着的人们”。例如:
The living must finish the work of those dead . 活着的人必须完成那些死去的人的事业。
living 还可用于短语,例如:make a living 谋生。
3)live “活着的”,通常指物,不指人,常用来作定语放名词的前面。还指“实况转播的”。例如:
a live wire 有电的电线,a live fish 一条活鱼。
Do you like a live show or a recorded show ? 你是喜欢直播还是录音 。
He said he had seen a live whale . 他说他看见过活鲸鱼。
make a / one\s living by + ing 通过干……谋生
4)lively 则意为“活泼的”,“活跃”,“充满生气的”,可作定语、表语或宾补,既可指人,又可指物。例如:
Jenny is a lively girl . 詹妮是个活泼的女孩。
Everything is lively here . 这儿一切都生机勃勃。
He had a strange way of making his classes lively and interesting . 他有一种奇特的方法,使他的课生动有趣。
5)life 是名词作生命可数,作生活不可数。其复数是 lives 。类似把 -fe 变为 -ves 的还有:wife , shelf , leaf , half , loaf , thief , knife , wolf , self .
I prefer country life to city life .
These children are full of life . 这些孩子充满火力。
Many people lost their lives in the accident .
all one\s life 一生 ,true to life 栩栩如生,in one\s life 在……的一生中,come back to life 苏醒过来,live / lead a happy life 过着幸福的生活。
1. make a trip to到……旅行
They are leaving tomorrow to make a trip to Hangzhou .
注意:“去……旅行”还可以用take a trip , have a trip , go on a trip , make a journey 。
2. collect money for= raise money for 为……筹集资金;为……募捐
These Young Pioneers are trying to collect money for a wildlife protect .
3. put on performances演出
You have put on a fine performance .
The performance put on by the senior class was a dance .
4. at present= for the time being 目前;现在;如今
How many research center are there at present for milu deer in China ?
5. do with处理;对待
What do people plan to do with the milu deer in future ?
注意:do with常与what连接使用,deal with常与how连接使用。
6. too many of太多的
Too many of the deer had been killed and they disappeared .
注意:so many和too many的顺序。too much修饰不可数名词。如:Too much of such rain will ruin the crop .
7. year by year年复一年
They liked the cool wet weather there and their number increased year by year 本\文摘 自教 育资源 网 WWW.ChINEsejY.cOm.
We should do everything possible to enable the peasants to raise their personal incomes year by year .
注意由“名词 + by + 名词”的短语还有:step by step逐步地,two by two两个两个地,little by little逐步地。
8. south of = to the south of在……以南
The zoo is three miles south of the city . 动物园在城南三英里处。
Hunan Province lies to the north of Guangdong .
9. one day总有一天;有一天
该词组可以指过去,也可以指将来。但some day指将来。
One day last summer I made a trip to the country .
You will come to see the importance of English one day (= some day) .
10. in the wild在荒野;在旷野
These animals had to live in the wilds of northwest China .
11. once more = once again再次;重新
The facts showed once more that he was not interested in music .
12. one after another = one after the other = one by one 一个接一个;相继
The students left the theatre one after another after the play .
13. in the past year在过去的一年中
A lot of work has been done in the past year .
注意:类似的还有,in the past few years在过去的几年中,in the last few months在过去的几个月中。出现这样的短语时,句子常用完成时态。而in the past (在过去) 却需要使用过去时。
14. be similar to和……差不多,和……相近
If one thing is very similar to another thing , they look almost the same .
Cameras are similar to the human eye .
15. make a study of对……加以研究
She gave us some advice on how to make a study of teaching methods .
16. set free释放
The girl set the pretty birds free .
1. at present ; at the present time ; for the present
〖明晰〗这三个短语近义,都可表示“目前;现在”。第一个中的 present 是名词,其前不用定冠词;第二个中的 present 是形容词 ( 意为“现在的 ) ;第三个中的 present 是名词,其前要用定冠词。at present 与 at the present time 通常可互换,而 for the present 侧重指“暂时”。如:At present there are not many milu deer in nature parks in China .
We use this tense to show that something is being done at the present time .
For the present we do not need that book , so please go on reading it yourself .
2 . one day ; some day ; the other day
( 1 ) one day 可指过去或将来的某一天,some day 只能指将来的某一天,the other day 指过去 ( 不久前 ) 的某一天。如:
At all these centres it is hoped that one day they will have enough ani 如果觉得高一英语第十七单元Nature (自然界与动物保护)-教学教案不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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