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Teaching aims and demands
  通过本单元的教学,通过词汇的学习学生能掌握exciting, take part in, hand in等单词和词组的用法,学习表达爱好的用语以及如何询问对方的爱好的表达方法。根据课文所提供的内容,用英语描述奥林运会的历史、发展、过去与现状,能够列举出中国运动员所参加的一些项目和在奥运会中取得的优异成绩。继续学习由关系代词who, that, which等引导的定语从句,并掌握这部分语法内容。
Teaching important and difficult points
I. Words and phrases
athlete, compete, competitor, competition, unusual, swift, medal, gold, prize, Olympic Games, in modern times, take part in, exciting, have sports, read out
II. Useful expressions
Which do you prefer, ...or...?
I prefer. . .to. . .
III. Grammar
Learning prep + which / whom+ Clause


  建议教师在上些课时,可采用以下方法,比如:1)教师可给学生展示奥运会图片,供学生讲述。2)教师利用多媒体形式,如:录像、VCD在课堂上给学生放映等,可提高学生的兴趣与积极性。3)教师可用一些课文中出现的数字、时间进行组织教学,用一些词连接起来,组成一篇文章,如:776BC,The old Olympic Games began around the year 776 BC in Greece. At that time the young men competed in running, jumping and wrestling., so on.

  本单元主要用英语描述奥林运会的历史、发展、过去与现状,详细列举出在1984、1992年奥林匹克运动的扩大、中国运动员所参加的一些项目和在奥运会中取得的优异成绩等,课文中最大的特点是采用大量的数字与年代,如:393AD,8,000,25th等。同时在语言运用中使用prep .+which / whom+ clause,如:Some of the games in which the young men competed….so on.

have sports的用法
  have sports 是个固定搭配,sport常用复数形式(包括运动和户外活动),表示“进行体育运动”。
  We often have sports at school after class.课后我们经常在学校进行体育活动。
  have a good time玩和高兴
  have a meeting (match, rest, swim, tall, walk, etc.) 开会(比赛、休息、游泳、谈话、散步,等)
  have a class/classes/lessons 上课 have a cold 感冒
  have a baby (boy, girl) 生小孩(男孩、女孩)have a cough 咳嗽
  have a holiday 放假 have an accident 出事故
  have to do sth. 不得不做 have some medicine 吃药
  have breakfast /lunch /supper 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭have got sth. 得到某物
  have sth for breakfast 早饭吃……
  Which would you prefer, tea or coffee?
  I’d prefer you to wash the clothes. 我想要你来洗衣服。
  2)prefer A to B (= like A better than B) “喜欢A而不喜欢B/喜欢A胜过喜欢B”
  I prefer dogs to cats. 我喜欢狗不喜欢猫。
  3)prefer to do rather than (to) do “宁愿……而不……”
  She preferred to go with us rather than stay behind.他宁愿和我们一道去,而不愿留下。

2 . sport, game, match 与 race辨析
  sports jacket 运动服sports meet 运动会
  sportsman 男运动爱好者,男运动员
  sports woman女运动员sports ground 运动场
  sports page of the paper 报纸体育专版
  school sports 校运会
  2)game作“游戏、比赛”解,指有一定规则的游戏或运动,且以输赢为主要目的。指球赛时,美国英语用game, 英国英语用match。game还可指大型的国际体育运动会、比赛。
  the Asian Games 亚运会the Olympic Games 奥运会
  They are having a football match. 他们举行一场足球比赛。
  100-metre race 100米赛跑 go to the races 去看赛马

  3 . join, take part in ,attend的辨析
  join the Army/the Party/the League参军/入党/入团
  join (sb.) 指参与某项活动,口语中常与take part in 通用。
  He joined you in the walk.他和你们散步。
  2)take part in指参加群众性活动、会议并在其中起积极作用。
  May I take part in your game? 我可以参加你们的游戏吗?
  Hell attend an important meeting tomorrow.他明天要参加一个重要会议。

The same as, the same that的辨析
  1) the same …as有两个含义:“和……一样”,“像……那样”。比如:
  She is wearing the same dress as she wore yesterday. 这句话有两个含义:
  2)the same…that为“和……一样的”。比如:
  She is wearing the same dress that she wore yesterday.她穿着昨天穿的那件衣服。即只等于the same …as的第一个含义。
  in modern/ancient times 在现代/在古代
  He is one of the most important men of the time. 他是当代最重要的人物之一。
  I’ve met her several times. 我见过她好几次。
  This room is 3 times as big as that one. 这个房间是那个房间的三倍大。

  compete: 比赛;竞争,是不及物动词,常与介词in, for, against等连用。
  Theyre competing for a prize. 他们在为获奖而竞争。
  compete 的名词有:competitor 参赛者competition竞争,竞赛(可指各种形式的竞赛)。
  More than 1,000 competitors took part in the competition.一千多参赛者参加了这项竞赛。

every four years 每四年
  every 与数词或few, other 连用,表示时间或空间的间隔,其中几个主要结构如下:
  I go there every three days.我每隔两天(每三天)到那儿去一趟。
  They move on to a new place every two or three years.
  He comes to see his uncle every third week.
  ③every +other+单数可数名词,“每隔……”。
  He goes to town every other day(every two days).
  ④every +few+复数名词 ,“每隔几……”。
  He stopped and turned around every few metres.

教学设计方案Lesson 37

Teaching Aims
  1 .To train the Ss’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  2. To learn some useful sentences and some new words and expressions through practice.

  Which do you prefer, ...or...?

  I prefer. . .to. . .

  have sports, be good at, read out ,exciting

  Teaching procedures

Step I Warming up

  1.What sports do you know?

  Collect the English words on the Bb.

  Volleyball/ basketball/ football /table tennis/ tennis/ badminton/ golf/ horse – riding/ shooting/ wrestling/ sailing/ swimming/ hunting/ fishing/ skiing

  2.Which sport do you like better, ...or...?

  Use all the names of sports the Se have learned to answer this question. )Then ask the 58:

  3.Which sport do you prefer, ... or... ?

  Ask one e student to answer the question using the following structure.

  I prefer. . .to. . .

  Ask more students to practise the two structures.

Step ⅡListening

  First well listen to the tape. After that there are two questions for you to answer. Please listen carefully with your books closed. Questions:

  1) Which Sport does A prefer?   2)What about B?

  horse → riding             shooting

  2. Let the Ss listen to the tape again and repeat.

  Ask them to pay more attention to the pronunciation and intonation of the dialogue.

Step Ⅲ Practise


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