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Module 5 Problems
1. be able to do sth. 能够做某事
(反义:be unable to do sth.不能做某事 )
2. refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事
3. tell sb about sth. 告诉某人有关某事
4. all together 一起
5. one of ( the +形容词最高级+名词复数 ) (最...)其中之一
e.g. Beijing is one of the most modern cities in the world.
6. rather A than B B肯定不会做A将要做的事
e.g. - I‘ve got to have two teeth out next week.下周我要拔两颗牙。
-- Rather you than me. 你拔,我可不拔。
-- I‘ll play a solo in front of the audience.我要在听众前表演独奏.
-- You mean alone in front of everyone? Rather you than me.
你是说你一个人在所有人面前? 你行, 我可不行!
7. warn sb about/against sth 让某人警惕或提防....
8. It‘s/That‘s a shame/pity! What a shame/pity!
9. send sb. to some place 把某人送往某地
e.g. Her parents will send her to a different school.
10. be proud of ... 以...为骄傲 ( 这里proud 是adj.)
e.g. Her parents will be proud of her. 她的父母将会为她而骄傲.
(同义: take (a) pride in... 这里 pride是 n.)
e.g. She takes great pride in her children‘s success.
11. send sb. away 把某人送走
12. I see (the problem). 我明白了.
13. play (...) well ...演奏地好 (注意这里用副词well)
14. do well in... 在某方面做得好 do badly in...在某方面做得差
(同义: be good at...在某方面好 be weak in...在某方面差)
15. write to sb 给某人写信 hear from sb. 收到某人的来信
16. go wrong 出毛病, 出故障; 出错
e.g. His television has gone wrong again.他的电视机又出毛病了。Follow these instructions and you can‘t go wrong. 按照操作指南去做,你就不会出错。
17. copy ... onto the computer 把...复制到电脑中
18. take ... off ... 使...离开或脱离...
e.g. I‘ve taken the game off my father‘s computer.
Would you mind taking your foot off my foot?
你介意把你的脚从我的脚上挪开吗? (你踩住我的脚了)
19. make sure of sth. / make sure that.... 确保... 确定...
20. feel terrible 感觉糟糕 feel tired 感觉很累
21. offer sb. sth. 提供给某人某物 / offer to do sth. 提出做某事
e.g. The company has offered him a high salary.这家公司给他高薪.
Should I offer to pay? 我应不应该提出付钱呢?
If you offer to do some jobs around the home, or maybe help him with his work, he‘ll realise that you‘re truly sorry.
你如果提出在家干点活, 或者帮他做点工作, 他也许会明白你是真的很抱歉.
22. make a mistake / make mistakes 出错
23. at once = immediately 立刻, 马上
24. tell the truth 说实话 tell a lie / tell lies 说谎
25. be angry with sb. 跟某人生气
26. at least 至少 at most 最多
27. pocket money 零花钱
28. after all 毕竟,终究
e.g. So you see I was right after all! 你看看,我毕竟是对的!
I know he hasn‘t finished the work, but, after all, he is very busy.
29. be truly sorry 真的很抱歉
30. in class 在课堂上
31. hurry up 快点
32. be late for... 迟到
33. What‘s up? 怎么了?
34. It‘s/That‘s very nice/kind of her. 她真是太好了.
35. on one‘s way to some place 在某人去某地的路上
(注意on one‘s way home/there在某人回家/去那里的路上 没有to)
36. be broken 坏了
e.g. I fell and one of my shoes is broken now. 我摔倒了, 现在我的一只鞋坏了.
37. sound serious 听起来很严重
38. at the end of... 在...的末尾
39. look forward to doing sth. 盼望着做某事... 期待着做某事
e.g. I‘m looking forward to hearing from you. 我盼望收到你的信.
40. feel lonely 感觉孤独
41. keep a diary 记日记
42. three times a day 一天三次
43. It‘s a good way to learn. 这是一种很好的学习方法.
44. have/has/had to do sth. 不得不做某事
45. hope to do sth. 希望做某事
46. call sb on the mobile phone 给某人打手机
47. all over...( the world/the floor) 遍及...(全世界/满地)
48. do sports 做运动
49. at the same time 同时
50. start with...以...开始 end with... 以...结束
51. on (the) air 通过广播 off the air 停播
52. What sort/kind of... 哪种...

二、 重要知识点:
1. warn sb about/against sth 让某人警惕或提防....
e.g. Her parents have warned her about her schoolwork.
Why don‘t you warn him about spending too much time on his guitar? 你为什么不警告他花在弹吉他方面的时间太多了呢?
He warned us against pickpockets.他告诉我们要小心扒手.
warn sb. of sth. 提醒某人(尤指可能有危险)
e.g. They warned us of possible danger.他们警告我们可能有危险。
warn sb ( not ) to do sth. 建议或劝告某人(不要)做某事
e.g. She warned them to be careful. 她告诉他们务必小心.
They warned us not to climb the mountain in such bad weather.
I warned you not to go near the dog. It might bite people.

我提醒过你不要接近那条狗, 它可能会咬人.
2. 辨析such与so
such的用法 1) such + a/an + (adj.)+ noun.
e.g. She is such a kind girl. 她是如此好的一个女孩.
That‘s such a pity! 那真是遗憾!
2) such + ( adj.) + noun( pl.)
e.g. I‘ve never seen such beautiful jewels.
3) such + (adj.) + noun ( U )
e.g. I can‘t accept such excuse.我不能接受这样的借口.
so的用法 1) so + adj. + a/an + noun (+ as sb/sth).
e.g. He‘s not so good a player as his wife.
2) so + many + noun ( pl.) / so + much + noun ( U ) e.g. There are so many books in the library. 图书馆有这么多的书.
Why is there so much water? 为什么有这么多的水?
(由所给例子可看出,若没有many, much的话,so后面不可以加复数名词及不可数名词。)
3. make sure of sth. 确定... 确保...
e.g. Do you know when the train leaves? You‘d better make sure of the time. 你知道火车离开的时间吗? 你最好确定一下.
make sure (that)...
e.g. We‘ll start out tomorrow morning. I‘ll try to make sure (that) the visit goes well. 我们明早出发, 我会确保这次旅行顺利.
We made quite sure (that) my father didn‘t notice anything.
6. 省略不定式时, 只省略动词, 保留to.
e.g. - Would you like to go to the cinema with me?
--I‘d love to, but I have a lot of homework to do.
You used your father‘s computer when he told you not to.
7. prove (that...) 证明...
e.g. If you tell your father the truth, you‘ll prove that you‘re honest.
如果你和你父亲说了实话, 你就证明了你是诚实的.
prove to be...
e.g. He proved himself to be an honest man. 他证明了他自己是个诚实的人.
My advice proved to be wrong. 我的建议证明是错的.

三、 语法:
e.g. If it doesn‘t rain tomorrow, we‘ll go to the Great Wall.
如果明天不下雨, 我们就会去长城.
If you don‘t get up early, you will be late for school.
如果你不早点起床, 你就会上学迟到.
If I play games on it, it will go wrong.
如果我用它玩游戏, 它就会坏掉.
He will call you if he comes back. 如果他回来,他会给你打电话。
I don‘t know if he will come back. 我不知道他是否会回来。
(此句if表是否,相当于whether,引导宾语从句, 所以不遵循主将从现,应根据实际情况选择时态。)
He will call you when he comes back. 当他回来的时候,他会给你打电话。
I don‘t know when he will come back. 我不知道他何时会回来。
(此句when表什么时候,引导宾语从句, 所以不遵循主将从现,应根据实际情况选择时态。)

e.g. If all your answers are right, you can go to Hainan for holiday.
You may stay to dinner if you like. 你要是愿意可以留下来吃饭。


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