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Unit 11 Dates, months and seasons-教学教案

Unit 11 Dates, months and seasons-教学教案为http://www.170yx.com整理发布,类型为八年级英语教案,本站还有更多关于初二英语教案,八年级上册英语教案,新目标八年级英语教案,免费教案 - 英语教案 - 八年级英语教案的文章。
Unit 11 Dates, months and seasons

钟祥四中 常衍亮 黄芳



1、字母n,kn读[n] 2、字母ng读[N]或[Ng]

3、字母nk,nc读[Nk] 4、字母th读[W]或[T]


1 write down写下,记下 2 come out发芽,长出 3 all the year round一年到头 4 at this time of year一年的这个时候 5 turn green变绿,转绿 6 in spring在春天 7 be different from 与……不同


1、Which is the second month of the year?一年的第二个月是几月?

2、When is spring/summer/autumn/winter in China? 中国的春/夏/秋/冬是什么时候?

3、What is the date today? It’s December 20th, 2003. 今天是几月几号?是2003年12月20日。

4、What’s the weather like in spring in your hometown? 你家乡春天的天气怎么样?

5、Which season do you like best? 你最喜欢哪个季节?



2、表示时间的介词in, on和at的用法。



Lesson 41


(一) The months of the year

January February March April May June July August September October November December


1、Which is the second month of the year?

2、What day is it today?

3、What’s the date today?


be from, last from, from…to…


1、When is summer in China? It lasts from June to August.

2、What was the date yesterday? It was November the twentieth, two thousand and three.


Step 1: Ask the students to answer the following questions like

Whats the date today?

Step 2: Listening

I SB page 51, part 3 and request students to master how to answer the questions like: What day was it yesterday?

Step 3: Practise the dialogue many times until most of the students can answer the questions correctly.



1、He was the _________(one) to come to school this morning.

2、The _________(two) skirt looks very nice.

3、December is the _______(twelve) month in a year.

4、The spring in China ______(last) only a few months.

5、______(eight) is a lucky number, I think.

Answers: 1 first 2 second 3 twelfth 4 lasts 5 Eight


1、________is New Year’s Day.

2、________is Wemen’s Day.

3、________is International Labour Day.

4、________is Children’s Day.

5、________is Teachers’ Day.

6、________is Christmas Day.

Answers: 1 January lst 2 March 8th 3 May 1st 4 June 1st 5 September 1oth 6 December 25th



Lesson 42



ask…about…, get warm/long, turn green, come out, be good for, go swimming/skating, help…with/do, enjoy doing…, all the year round



1、What’s the weather like in spring/summer/autumn/winter?

句中“be like”相当于“look like”看起来像

eg: He looks like his father.

He is like his father.

2、What sports do people like to play in different seasons?


eg: ①He’s fond of sports

②We often have sports after school

3、The weather gets warmer and the days get longer.


get older变老get bigger变大,类似的系动词还有be(是),seem(似乎),look(看来),become(变成),get(变得),grow(生长),feel(感到)turn(变得,变成),keep(保持)

eg:① The children look very healthy.这些孩子们看起来很健康。

② His hair turned white.他的头发变白了。

4、I hope you are well。我希望你身体很好。


You look well today.你今天看起来气色很好。

I don’t feel well this morning.我今天早晨感觉不大舒服。

5、We really enjoyed working on a farm.


eg: He enjoys skating in winter

6、We help them with the harvest.

help…… with/help……do

eg: I often help him with his English

I often help him study English


Step 1: New-word teaching

Use flashcards and teach the students how to read the new words and tell them how to use these words.

Step2: Read and act

Ⅰ Give the students some questions: 1 How is the weather in your hometown? 2 Which season is the warmest season? 3 Do you like winter? 4 How many seasons are there in your country?

Ⅱ Play the tape again and let the students follow the tape.

Step 3:Presentation

Ⅰ Say winter is coming. Do you know what’s the weather like? Now let’s learn the differences between spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Ⅱ Play the tape for the students twice and discuss the questions about weather.

Step 4:Consolidation

Ⅰ Look at the statements below, let the students say whether they are true or false and correct the mistakes.

Ⅱ Do some paper work.

Step5: Exercises

1、Do Ex 1 and Ex 3 orally.

2、Do Ex 2 as written work.



1、_______is the best season of the year. Everything begins to ____.

2、It is very hot in ______. Swimming is the best_______ in this season.

3、_______is a harvest season._______ are usually very________ in this season.

4、It is very _______in winter People need to_______ more clothes. We like to_____ _____on the ice.

Answers: 1 Spring, grow 2 Summer, sport 3 Autumn, Farmers, busy 4 cold, wear, go skating.


1、Some children like winter much b______ than summer. They enjoy s______.

2 What a good h ______they had last October!

3、Look at the h______ rain, It’s raining so h_______.

4、Autumn is the b_______ season of the year.

Answers: 1 better, skating 2 harvest 3 heavy, heavily 4 busiest



Lesson 43



be from, at a bad time of year, be afraid, be very different from…, at this time of year, be like


1、The weather here is very cold, isn’t it?

2、Jim knows the way Australians speak, doesn’t he?

3、What’s the weather like in Sydney?




1、The weather here is very cold, isn’t it?这儿天气很冷,是吗?

2、Lucy can’t swim, can she?露西不会游泳,是不是?


3、He isn’t going to the meeting, is he? 他不去参加会议,是吗?

Yes, he is. 不,他要去的。

No, he isn’t. 对,他不去。



Step 1: Revision

Get the students to tell the teacher about the seasons

Step 2:Pre-reading

Have the students discuss the questions!

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