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How long have you been collecting shells教案

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How long have you been collecting shells ? Section A 教案
I: The unit‘s teaching material analysis
Unit 6, the topic is“ How long have you been collecting shells?“, It is talking about“ how long have you been doing things “, and review general past tense and present progressive tense, learn to use The Present Perfect Progressive, let students learn to talk about and share one‘s own hobby and collections.
II: Students analysis
So far, Students in Grade Eight have been studying English for more than one year, they keep strong interest in English study. Through the edifying and practising of the new course idea for more than one year, they have ability of preliminary acting on one‘s own , cooperation , probing into , experiment .
III: Teaching targets:
1. Language target:
I : talk about “how long have you been doing“ and to understand the present perfect progressive(have/has been doing sth)
II : the use of the word since and for
III: the difference between How long did you skate? and How long have you been skating?
 2, Ability target:
I: Try to train the students‘ listening、speaking、reading and writing abilities and also to improve their abilities of cooperation and communication.
II: After this lesson ,students will be able to create an individual product about their hobby using Present Perfect with their multiple intelligences.
3. Sensibility and Value:
I: To enable to cooperate with other students, help each other and complete the task together.
II: To help the students enjoy the excitement of learning English and can also encourage them to spend their time meaningfully .
IV:Teaching key points and difficult points:
1.The teaching key points :To be able to master the key vocabulary and the target language in this unit
2. The teaching difficult points :
(1) the difference between The Simple past tense and Present progressive tense
( 2) the use of the word since and for
V: Teaching method
(一)Task-based Language Teaching
This lesson will use this method mainly. I will design the real task closely related to student‘s life according to the overall goal and combining the content of courses of course, attract and organize them to participate in actively, make students observe, thinking, discussion, exchange and corperation,etc. to realize and master the language in a kind of natural ,true situation.
(二)Teaching means
Multi-media, computer, projector, courseware
VI: The learning method guiding
According to the spirit of course reform , I will give some instructions to Ss to learn English. I will create a kind of open course to make students happy to learn.By the consistent listening、speaking、reading and writing, the game, competition ,etc., train and develop students‘ communication ability.
VII :The process of teaching :
Step One : Lead-in
Tell the students that today we‘re going to talk about something about our hobbies .Let the students guess my hobby first .Show some pictures of stamps ,tell them I like collecting stamps . My hobby is collecting stamps . I started collecting stamps in 1995.What about you ?
Step Two : Pre-task
Activity 1 : Brainstorming
Guide a class brainstorming . Encourage all the students in the brainstorming and provide immediate positive feedback to those who give an appropriate answer. Ask them to make conversations about their hobbies and when they started doing them. Record their mark according to their dialogues .
Mame Hooby When did sb start ?   该活动通过组织学生对话,一方面复习前面学的“一般过去时“,另一方面为学习“现在完成进行时“做好铺垫。活动中学生乐意说出自己的体验, 这样在轻松开放的氛围中 ,体验和训练语言结构。而且生生之间的信息差,也有利于激发学生积极参与调查的积极性。调查后的汇报,也能及时肯定学生的成绩,并对其不足进行了适时的点播。
Activity 2 :Presentation
Draw a time line across the board. Then T and S talk about themselves. eg.
1) T:Class , when did Miss Zhang start collecting stamps ? S: in 1995 .
T: Miss Zhang started collecting stamps in 1995.And Miss Zhang still like collecting stamps now.
 T: How long has Miss zhang been collecting stamps ?
T: points to the starting date and run the finger along the years up to the present year. Count the years with the students .( 1995 - 2009 ) 14 years .
Miss zhang has been collecting stamps for 14 years .
Miss zhang has been collecting stamps since 1995 .
By these steps tell the meaning of Present Perfect Tense and the construct of the Present Perfect Tense to the students

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2) Second, consolidate the concept of Present Perfect Tense by using more examples
a):I am a teacher . b):I started teaching English in 2000.
 c):I am still teaching English now. d):I have been teaching for nine years.
 e):I have been teaching English since 2000\Since nine years ago .
3)Third, consolidate the concept of Present Perfect Tense by letting the students making up sentences by themselves.
a. When did you study English? In which year?
b. Are you studying English now?
C.using Present perfect Tense to describe how long you have been learning English.
借助学生熟悉的生活情景 ,为学生提供了大量的感知表象,降低了理解新语言现象的难度。而且时间段的展示,使学生一目了然,很好的感知新的语言结构。
Activity 3 Listening:
  Play the tape of 1b twice ,then get them to write down the answers.
Activity 4. Pair work
Let the students make up dailouges according to the chart below . Have a competition between groups .Give them marks according to their performance .

Name Things How long Yao Ming play basketball 1986---now Liu Xiang run He was young Miss Zhang teach English 2000---now My Uncle drive a car 1990---now My Mother live in the town He was born . Guan Xiaoqian surf the Internet He was ten years old. Zhao Benshan help the poor He became famous . Give the students a warm tip to help them how to use “since“and “for“correctly . Note :for +段时间;Since +点时间;Since +一般过去时的句子。
 该环节为学生提供大量熟知的事例 ,并为学生操练提供了足够的训练机会,从而逐步掌握这一语言结构;加之小组竞争机制的引入,很好的调动了各组学生的积极性。而且运用 for 和since 尝试不同的表达方式,有助于开拓学生视野,培养创新意识和能力。也让学生知道明星成功背后的艰辛和努力,从而理解“梅花香自苦寒来“的道理。
Step 3: While-task
Task 1:Memory challenge
Using flash pictures to show what four people did and when they did and how long have they been doing things on the screen for 30 seconds. Then hold a competition, see which group can remind what they have seen most and correctly.
Task 2:Listening
Let the Ss look at the picture in 2b and guess what they are talking about. Play the tape of 2a twice,ask Ss to tick the answers. Then play the tape a third time for them to check whether their answers are correct or not. Finally play the tape for Ss to listen and repeat. After finishing the listening ,let the Ss act 2a out and make competition .
Task 3:Make a survey
Get Ss to make a survey about what their hobby are and how long they have been doing things ,then fill in the form below.And then get each group to send a representative to make a report after they finish the survey.
Name hobby How long since for When surveying, they can use the following sentence patterns:
1)What‘s your hobby? I like..... 2)How long have you been doing that?
3)I have been ..... since/for.... 4)He/She has been .... Since/for....
Task 4:Play a game
Who has the longest time ? How long have you been doing ...?
                 has your father \uncle doing ...?
smoke drink wine wear glasses play sports Help your parents Surf the Internet ___‘s
\uncle _____‘s
\uncle _______ ________ ________ _______ First do this game in groups .Each group give a report about the persons who has the longest time .And then the teacher write the result and fill in the form to see who has the longest time in class .
 该活动是上一环节的深化,通过寻找“班级之最“和 “抽烟、喝酒时间最长的人“,将所学的知识拓展到课外,培养了学生用语言做事情的能力。同时进行情感教育:即培养正当的兴趣爱好可以陶冶情操,而低级庸俗的情趣则损害我们的身心健康,必须摒弃。
Step 4: Post-task
1. Grammar Focus
Go through the Grammar Focus with the whole class,ask Ss to point out the main points in this period. Then show the use of The Present perfect progressive on the screen. 通过此环节,进一步扫清学生的语言障碍。
2. Language practice
Practise the sentence patterns and the use of The Present Perfect Progressive
Step 5: Homework: Write a composition about their survey in Task 4.

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  其次,解读教材并超越教材。新课程倡导教师“用教材教“,而不是简单地“教教材“。创造性的使用教材,对教材知识进行重组和整合,选取更好的情境对教材深加工,设计出贴近学生实际、丰富多彩的活动,将教材中的知识激活,再加上多媒体的运用,更好的创设了语言情境,把以往的枯燥英语变得真实化、具体化、生活化。例如在游戏“make a survey ““write a report“ 和“guessing “活动中,学生参与性极高,连平时比较害羞的学生都纷纷举手,踊跃参与。
 Go for it Grade Eight Unit 6 How long have your been collecting shells ?Section A 1a -2c

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